The Art of Communication

This field is a completely unique experience. Imagine how it would be like to communicate with ANYTHING that has a consciousness? This could be people, animals, nature, ET or even entities…

The foundation of this field is based on telepathy. Of course at a very advanced level. It supercharges the skill of conceptual communication and conceptual thinking. It will allow you to hold a concept in your mind as long as you desire without the interruption of your ego. This field also allows you to calm your mind completely so that you can decript conceptual information effortlessly. The field also stimulates all telepathic parts of the brain and allows for new neural growth that is required for telepathy. Also boosts pineal gland and third eye chakra to communicate with psychic information and beings. It is highly recommend that all the other chakras are equally balanced before using it. And it’s not for any avarage person to use. Should only be used by people who are spiritually aware… otherwise it could lead to not good circumstances. This can allow to understand direct message from higherself better since you will be able to understand any type of concepts and conceptual messages that’s coming from the outside…


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On a more serious note, thank you from my higher self.


What use would this be of for talking to regular people? Like your coworkers, friends or lovers.

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Mama Maitreya on fire lately! Thanks


Lovely Maitreya. :heart:


thank you infinitely. how many days for full results?

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You know nobody can answer that question! lol
It all depends on your blocks or how far along you are on your path.


This paired with Conceptual Realizations will be God-tier


It looks pretty good and cheap-priced.
How should be establish the communication?
Just focusing with a real entity or imagining?

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no I ask in relation to the tests carried out. assuming it had been tested beforehand, how many days on average it took to get noticeable’s true we are all different and each can obtain different results, but it is not impossible that the greatest number of people revolve around the same magnitude of values.
You know, when a doctor prescribes you a medicine, he tells you how many times to use it, but he also tells you somehow how long it will take,Overall …
Even if the doctor knows that everyone is different, he will not answer you: I do not know, see you will have an improvement in your health depending on how the disease is with you.The doctor is able to estimate how long it will take you to start seeing improvement. because drugs are usually tested before they are put on the market or authorized to be prescribed, and from these tests we have the answers to this kind of question.
It’s true you are right in what you say, But I wanted to try my luck, because it has happened that maitreya indicates the number of days of use to see results,and it is one of the first manufacturers to do so (in the sense that its predictions turn out to be correct). Example: energy sensitivity audio on youtube. I love you brother :+1:


Well said! Love you as well brother. I had pretty much those thoughts about the testing of the tool.


Another very interesting field that is targeting Conceptual Thinking. However, my first thought was crap again, a field in the three-digit price range that you absolutely have to have. After I saw the price on Gumroad I only thought 19.99 dollars? Buy quickly before someone realizes that the price was wrong by one digit.
I’m curious how it will be noticeable in combination with the new one from Quadibble and Dreams. However, not suitable for a night playlist, the music is too rhythmic to not wake you up. But luckily there is the storage field.


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now thanks to you, they will realize that there was an error, Thank you @Sahiela .


As someone who’s been talking to spirits for decades now, I can 100% tell you that this is extremely good advice here.

If you don’t have good spiritual discernment, suddenly gaining the ability to speak with various spirits could be troublesome, as not all are friendly or honest. It would be awful to suddenly become keenly aware of the opinions of spiritual bullies, especially if you don’t know how to either stand up for yourself, tune them out, or to either transmute them or what they’re sending you.

Please, be careful and be honest with yourself and where you’re at in your spiritual development. If you’re not already aware of actions you could take to protect yourself from spirits that might seek to harm you if you came into contact with them, then you should really consider learning about those things first.


Could you please provide any resources that would help us learn how to protect ourselves?

Hm, it’s not always easy to judge for yourself to what extent one is spiritually advanced or not. Especially when you don’t have any skills in that regard. I have 2 rings in which the servitors are from Dream’s Book of Cards. However, other than my pendulum’s claim that they are there, I have no evidence of this. Nor that I could communicate with them.

What I noticed that after wearing the old Shield Tag for two months, it hardly had any positive effects for me according to my pendulum. Since I got the Divine Balance Tag, the help of the Shield Tag has become significantly stronger again. As if energies or beings had also become aware that do not necessarily want positive things for me.
Sometimes when I go to sleep and close my eyes I see faces around me that are watching me. I have already observed that while meditating. Well I don’t really know how to interpret the whole thing. They don’t do anything and sometimes I can send them away, but it feels a bit strange.
But since my pendulum is for hearing this field, I’ll do it too.


Sure. An easy first step would be things like Maitreya’s Divine Protection audio/printed mandala, Programmed Intention’s Multi-Dimensional Shield of Light mandala, or Sapien’s Shielding Protection dogtag. Any/all of these help provide a degree of armored, “just-in-case” protection. Plus, the first two are freely available.

Additionally, a good second step is to know that you can always reach out to the angelic if you feel you need help. Sapien’s Angelic Intercession audios are a great way to introduce & familiarize yourself with these beings, if you feel you need that. Any time you feel like you’re in a bad situation spiritually and you don’t know what to do to get back to a good place, the angels are your friends.

Beyond that, you can start to learn how to stand in your own power and stick up for yourself. There is no one system for this, just like there’s no one universal way to solve conflicts with other people in 3D. You can learn to talk your way out of it, fight your way out of it, transcend & ignore it, etc.

I don’t wanna derail this thread into a topic of Spiritual Protection how-to’s, so if you really wanna get into specifics maybe we could start a topic specifically for that.


Very insightful @NotFrank . Thank you so much!