Take Back Your Whole Power

This audio will take back your whole power (energy) from other people, pets, places you have been. This will be done for your moment life, past lives and also future times. As everything is one, when you change the past from the NOW, you also change the future.

Digital Mandala; Take Back Your Whole Power - MaitreyaFields


Isn’t that the same as recovering fragments of the soul? How is it different?


I’ve not tried the audio yet, but I think it’s more about cord attachments & energetic leaks. You can cut the cord and heal the leakage, but that doesn’t restore to you what was taken/lost. Makes sense, in theory…


but if at the base we were not very powerful (having a very great energy), it doesn’t change much to regain a little strength.yes it’s true it will always be a big gain, but it’s not sure that it will make a big difference in general …

If you are Divinity experiencing human life, then how can you be “not very powerful”?


I think he refers to our cosmic origin.


I’m not sure I understood correctly …
Live by divinity ??! Do you think that if an average person hadn’t lost energies they would have been a drastically different person with a drastically different life …

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It’s okay. Try listening to this one a bit, see if you don’t feel differently about “not being very powerful/having great energy/making a big difference” afterwards.


The field is inspired by the powerful breathing technique from don miguel ruiz,
it brings faster physical, emotional, mental energy.

soul fragments do this also on some levels, but the point is more of restoring soul energy (which can’t be feel always from people), and both work on different levels

those two are good combo, but soul fragments can’t be listened many times, but this one can


Why can’t fragments of the soul be heard many times?

Field is working for the soul and it will remove everything that is not from your soul. Which is very good, but it’s better to be a slow process, because many new situations can pop up in your life… and can make it hard for you for a few months. (from Earth’s point of view)


Surprisingly I feel this audio make more difference than others. I listened to many of Maitreya audios, and though they work, none seems to be as obvious as this.
After a few days of use,
I feel stronger emotionally and perhaps mentally also. Can’t really describe the difference

While listening, i tell myself to take back power from
A. People- name them individually or groups. Eg. Parents, teachers, friends, government, doctors etc
B. Needs …need for affirmation from parents, teachers. Can do same steps for need for love, approval, admiration, praise etc
C. Viruses, bacteria, diseases, - take back power you have given to these to allow them to make you seek

I’m still experimenting with the diseases to see if it works. The first 2 categories definitely works.
Now I Don’t feel that I need the affirmation i was longing for

Hope to hear more testimonials about this audio


I was low of energy the last days, just some loops and I’m energized (and using the patreon version).
I’m impressed.


I just realized this has the same song and same song length as Subconscious Matrix Clearing (paid versions). I had them on a playlist back to back and noticed it lol.


I noticed it too

We did mistake with this audio.
Now in the audio has 2 fields -
Subconscious Belief Clearing
Take Back Your Whole Power

Would you guys like to split them or to let them this way?


Seems like a good combo I’m thinking?


I think the single version could be a free patreon release

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yeah i will delete old one and reupload them

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Is the youtube version normal?

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