Soul Fragments and Soul Fragment Retrieval

Your soul may become broken or fractured through trauma such as abuse or an accident. Through these experiences we can also create connections to others, objects and land. This may the the reason why you still think of someone years later. Soul fragments can also be lost in past lives or previous incarnations. As negative situations give your power to other, so does the positive do. If you had great relationship with your friend, but after some time they start acting strange, like boss, manipulative etc… Maybe you two exchange too much soul fragments and this becomes aggression and other bad feelings without reason for that.

During severe shock or trauma, pieces of your soul may attach to others, and you may have taken on pieces of their soul.

This video is releasing all soul fragments that don’t belong to you, clear them and send them to their owner. Same thing makes with people who you give your power/soul fragments to: releases them, clear them and get them back to your energy field.

You will feel like new person after few listening. This video works for this life, but also and past lives too.

Freedom in healthy boundaries
Once all the etheric cords have been cut and soul fragments returned you will feel lighter and more free. You may also see your relationships with these people in a more loving truth. Knowing that when you hold firm boundaries, you are not letting other down or rejecting them. Instead, you can guide these people to take full responsibility for their lives and their actions. Helping them to connect to Divine Source Energy for all their needs. That we do truly live in a loving and supportive universe, when you know how to ask for help, feel worthy of it and know how to accept that help.


Is this an improved version of the old one?


Yes, Maitreya replied in a comment saying that this is a stronger version


Yes, all audios we will upload these days will be stronger versions to old ones.


With your newer uploads, will the field be embedded into the file name, or can we change them? I sometimes rename files and add the descriptions to the tags for easier organization and knowing what each does…

You can change file names.


I wonder why so many people have a habit of changing the name of the audios.


See my pic i posted above. I like to rename them so all Knowledge audios are together, Languages, etc. It helps finding what you want as the number of audios add up,


After 1 listen i feel like want to cry. I spent my whole life in depression, suicidal thoughts and traumas, and i never think about soul fragments before. This is what i need most. Thank you.


This is what anyone needs :ok_hand: :smiley:
Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


on gumroad, this field costs $ 5.5, on the website $ 9.9. Is there a difference between these two versions?

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There is no differences


I’ve restarted this one too. I had the gumroad version so both are upgraded right ?


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Can i still use your old version of soul fragments mp3 in patreon? , it length 1 min 22s audio in patreon?

Yeah you can

Are the energies of the patreon version updated to this as well?

Yes, they are.


The new version is longer (5 minutes)

Should I listen to the patron version for that amount of time?

You don’t have to