DM: Take Back Your Power [upgraded version]

Have you ever had an interaction with a person or a situation after which you felt like a different person, one you don’t like? As if you have no control over yourself and your life? As if there’s something strange about reality, but you can’t quite explain what it is and you don’t know what’s happening to you?

After such interactions, even things like manifestations that used to happen effortlessly now stop. You develop blocks in your environment, face problems you didn’t have before, and it feels as if the universe is playing tricks on you, throwing nasty obstacles your way.

At some point, you’ve gone from being a winner to a loser, and there’s no conscious reason for this change. A feeling of victimhood and helplessness develops within you, which, no matter what you do, doesn’t go away.

All these things can be caused by energetical hooks that other people place on you, consciously or unconsciously. These are like portals through which they have the ability to draw from your life energy, luck, and all other areas.

It’s very typical for people who envy you and want to have “what you have” to do this, even unconsciously. But there are also people who do it consciously, creating major problems for the person from whom this energy is taken.

This energetically programmed field is designed to close these portals and energetically remove everything that connects you to these people, places, and situations.

The field contains programs that:

  • Return your vital energy.
  • Return your luck and what God has given you for your path.
  • Return your fortune and creative energy.
  • Return your knowledge, qualities, and skills.
  • Return your strength and ability to cope.
  • Remove all effects of this interaction from all energy bodies.
  • Eliminate the possibility of this happening again.
  • Remove the causes within you that allowed this to happen.

This looks incredible, thank you for this! This will be able to help so many people.


Amazing. Thank you so much!


with In your favor :revolving_hearts: :handshake: :raised_hands: :open_hands:


@Maitreya It seems to me, or this field is very similar - in description - to DM: Recapitulation [No Personal History] DM: Recapitulation [No Personal History] . It also talks about energy return…

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What 's the difference between Restore_All_Bodies and this one? They all seem to fill the holes that cause energy leakage.

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The Recapitulation field should ideally be used with human interaction first. This is not mandatory, but it will have the greatest effect in this context. It is designed to return energy from past interactions with people.

In the new field, there are programs included not only for returning energy but also for restoring luck, vital energy, knowledge, skills, and talents.

It is especially suitable for people who have more interactions with negative individuals who consciously or unconsciously try to take things from you (e.g., sorcerers) and other malicious individuals who work with energy.

For example, it is not uncommon for someone attending group meditations or plant medicine ceremonies to encounter someone who takes advantage of the deep state everyone is in to extract energy directly from their Hara center, also known as the Dantian.

This is a completely different type of interaction with a person, its essence is different. It is not like just communicating with someone where, in most cases, if you have given away energy, it was done voluntarily.


Another approach in the new field involves extracting subconscious patterns that make people “easy prey” and fundamentally changing their mindset. For example, people who don’t know themselves well and try to be “people pleasers” or those with strong tendencies towards “submission” in their horoscopes—following others and the collective without resistance or questioning whether what they are doing is right or good for them, or simply because everyone else is doing it. Such attitudes lead to easy cracks and energy leaks even if you are not involved with a “sorcerer” or another individual with a stronger mentality.

I recommend that if someone has the Restore All Bodies field, they should continue using it while this new field works on extracting the underlying causes within the person that create these energy leaks.


@Maitreya I recently heard that debts (including bank debts, installment plans and other popular services) can take away your luck.
This is true? And can the field block these channels? (At the same time, of course, debts must be repaid! But by repaying them, you don’t want to lose your luck.)

And another thought: I want to buy the “In your favor” field. But before that, go through cleaning using the Universal Cleaner field. In this regard, the question is: if the In your favor field transforms negative energies into positive ones, won’t it turn out that by cleaning, I will deprive myself of part of the positive energy that the In Your Favor field will transform? Ahaha, I understand that this may sound funny, but still. :sweat_smile:

P.S. Thank you very much for the detailed answers! This is very important for many people who want to understand the approach and better understand the topic. :slight_smile:

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Your question is logical, and it’s true that energies that don’t enter your aura will be cleared away, and you won’t experience effects that are “in your favor.” However, there’s a detail to consider: even if a person has protections and fields for clearing, it’s always possible for something to enter again due to unresolved traumas and uncertainties in their consciousness on certain topics. In such cases, “In your favor” will activate and work for your benefit.

For example, if someone was called “stupid” during their childhood and hasn’t released that hurt, it can still affect them as an insult or another emotion. If they find themselves feeling stupid, it immediately creates a breach in their aura, allowing that energy to enter because of the resonance. Protections are very helpful in removing these things so that a person can live freely and peacefully. This mostly applies to emotions with a high emotional charge that haven’t been processed.

If someone has such unresolved issues, “In your favor” and trauma release will help them quickly let go of these things, preventing them from reacting to every word or stimulus. The idea is to reach a state where a person can relax in their environment and not feel obliged to respond or react to every external provocation.


I can’t say for certain. In my incarnation program, I have very bad positions for taking out a loan. If I do so, the program includes losing what I purchased with the loan and being unable to repay it. If this program activates, it could lead to losing my job, income, or savings.

For some people, this doesn’t apply, and they can even profit from using credit. For example, they might take out a loan at 4% interest, invest the money in something that yields a 6-10-20% profit, and the loan pays for itself, plus they make a profit, which is considered “investment” income and may not even be taxable.

It’s specific to each person, and it’s advisable to consult a good astrologer on this matter.


So combine this DM with Retsore all bodies, would be a good combo?
And does this new version of Take back your own power has all of the same energies as the old also?
The older version, had Subconscious limit Disolver DM also in it

Restore All Bodies is good to have anyway. Your aura regenerates faster.

It feels differently, it’s more complex. I would say it has something better than the previous one as it works deeper in your submind. At least for me.


@Polaris Would The art of Utilaztion DM, be a good Combo with this one?
Or do you have any other recommendation

The Art of Utilization would team up with anything tbh. it can help with personal life and professional. You can get access to information from your future self that has already succeeded.

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