Suggestion on Earning Money

So my job will require my team to return to downtown at next January. As i don’t want to get a jab (mandatory at my company), i have reached a point to decide whether to stay or leave.

Has anyone thought about how to earn a living in this pandemic? I have been looking into stock/ cyprto investment, or youtube video maker for Buddhism material (feel wrong to use religion to make money though…)? To be honest, i cannot think of any skill that people want from me.

Does anyone be in similar situation like I do? Any creative solution to share?

My most ideal situation is to have a self-employed job that can cover my rent and food cost, so that i can stay home doing 1 to 2 months meditation retreat and focus in quieting down my mind/heart as much as possible.

Thank you!


It’s a mistake to look into things before you’ve done them. Make doing your first step and looking into how to do it your second. Otherwise you’re always on step 0.

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Being frank and realistic, I don’t think it’s possible to continue avoiding the vaccine forever, more and more restrictions will be imposed on the unvaccinated, Italy is even wanting to fine unvaccinated people, they will do everything to force and push this vaccine on people . It will definitely not be possible to live in society without this, unless you are planning to go to a forest and become a monk, it will not work. What to do? Well, my point is simple, resorting to illegality, it depends on one’s morals and what you think is right, but it definitely seems to me to be the only way out, I don’t want to become an exile from society, and neither do I I want to get this vaccine, so all that’s left is to resort to illegality, there are false proofs of vaccination where you can get it, through lawyers and people who support anarchy and libertarianism, that’s my suggestion.


You can check websites like Fiverr, Upwork - there you can make many tasks that people need. Writing, makings designs, etc.

Depends what software skills you have. If you tell us more about your talents and skills, maybe we can give better suggestions.


Thank you for the reply.
@Atreides I think if there are bills to meet each month, you may not say your statement so easily.

@Darkmatter Good idea! i have a British frirend who bought African pass from online. He continued to work now. However, he said the QR scan does not work everywhere in UK though. I will pay attention to this. Thanks yo

@Maitreya Fields Thank you for the 2 links referrals. Besides knowing to play guitar, have some financial knowledge, a basic database programming skill, ability to speak Chinese, i am just like a regular person you are easily found on the street. What skill can i sell in order be financial indepedence? I guess i have to run through the Upwork (Find work for your skill) to explore myself more.

The reason why i bring up this topic is, i think there should be people like me who wants to find a way to work 3 to 4 hours a day and have the rest of the day of personal use.

2 Likes is good but be careful. I used that for 2 years before someone ruined my rep by reporting my gigs, causing Fiverr to delete all my hard work and suspending my account. They just did that without giving me a reason or a chance to regain my gigs and status. I have started it up again, but l’m starting at the bottom and getting nothing but scam messages lol

With Fiverr, you can make a lot of money though, I used to do someone’s monthly income sheets and he was making over $10,000 a month from doing 3D modelling. He was doing about 2 projects per day. You can make a decent amount, just doing basic things like data entry, making budget sheets, summarizing chapters, formatting documents, etc. l was only doing basic things like this and getting $200 a month. I wish l can get that now so l can buy more Maitreya fields lol

You can also use and do surveys and little activities to earn money. But you make very little, it takes about 45-60 days to make a measley $100 if you do a few surveys every day.

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@RockedIt Thank you for the tips. Yeah, it must be tough to get deleted and rebuilt reputation again. I will keep this in mind.

I research more, and i think i want to do something related to passive Income.

Dividends from stock investments
High-yield savings account
Capital gains from stock investments
Rental income. REITs
Affiliate marketing
Create a digital product. Start a business
Vending Machine
Print on demand business
Rent a room on Airbnb
License your pictures
Monetise your ideas
Online Products

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Good sites Maitreya thank you.

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I’m pretty sure you have a skill that people want (everybody has one), but if you don’t even aknowledge it, well, well people is not going to aknowledge it either. Remember, you are the master of you reality .Stay calm, stay positive, meditation is good and maybe this one could help: Vegvísir - The Pathfinder / Energetically Programmed Audio - YouTube


THank you for sharing the track. I missed this track when it was uploaded at Sept because the title was not an English word. i will observe the result!

you know, sometimes when we say skill or talent, if the skill/talent does not earn money, in Hong Kong we don’t call that a skill but a hobby. I like music, but i am not good enough to use guitar to make money for a living. I love to do video about introducing Buddhism, but so far, the hit rate is very low in youtube.

Good attitude obviously is important, but when i constantly encounter failures, i had trouble to stop doubting myself.

Nevertheless, thank you for your sharing.