Financial blockade

I’m completely stuck financially, I can’t find any way to make any minimum support, I leave a business I’ve failed for years to find myself in the same situation again! I just don’t understand! I’m selling products on the street, the same products all other vendors sell, and I can’t sell even half of what they can sell in a day’s work! I can’t even get a minimum wage selling the products, every day sales are scarce, it’s often more than 1 hour of work to sell just 1 product, I know that not every day will be the same, and I can’t expect to sell high quantities every day, because there will always be variations, but there was not even a day when I made a good profit in more than 2 months, there is simply no good day, every day sales go bad, days when I sell a lot is a lot that is little compared to other sellers, the days that I sell a lot don’t even compare to the days that other sellers do poorly! It’s okay to sell less than they do, it’s just that it’s at a point where you can’t have a satisfactory income, I don’t know what else to do to get money, I dress well, I’m polite to all customers, I offer to all people, the same price as anyone, and it just doesn’t sell! I’ve already tried using morphic fields and they don’t help anything in boosting sales, I’ve tried using fohat but I don’t get any results either.

Use “Attract Wealth”.
Write down your financial goals, such as I need $150 to buy datura, I need $2,000 or other currencies to live on for a month. Then listen to the audio and think about your written goal or look at it. Let go of expectations and relax. The money will find you in a few days.

Also, I feel you need “DM: Alien Consciousness Trap Release” and “DM: Energy Protections”.


I’m interested in alien conscious trap as well as AI mandala and a few others, I’ll try to acquire when possible.

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I’m using the adaptive shield mandala, I can’t stop using this mandala even 1 day without attacks starting again, I feel intense pain in the heart region, if I try to spend a day making sales without this mandala people look at me with faces scared, it’s the second time I’ve had this experience, every time it’s happened it’s been with women who seem to have some level of heightened mediumship, and they can feel whatever is sabotaging me, it’s definitely not normal reactions that someone should have for someone who is simply selling bullets in traffic, are reactions of horror.

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I suggest try Freedom course from Angelgome in sapien forum. Currently it’s free. That course help me release some of my self sabotage that hindering my abundance.

While I don’t know whether that course will solve your problem, but I am sure it will help to some extent in emotional and mental aspect of your blockage.


The new Mahalakshmi Yantra mandala could help.


Every time I’m close to my limit the world then throws me crumbs so I can keep living this hell, it’s always like this, the world tests me and plays tricks at all times, if I’m about to go crazy then a sudden hope of improvement of life will appear, for in the end nothing will change and everything will go back to the way it was before. I’m getting the mandala of breaking contracts if I win 2nd place in the game of ideas 5, if even that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what else to do, my life is simply blocked in all areas, I can’t even have the courage or energy to work and if I do, I simply left more and more frustrated every day because the profits are minimal, I don’t have money to buy Maitreya’s products, I don’t even have money to live the basics and if I didn’t live with my mother I would simply be under a bridge, and to make matters worse since the beginning of the pandemic, the real has devalued even more than it already was, if I want to buy any Maitreya product I will have to pay 5x more than European Americans or other people would pay, this is living in a country of 3 world. I work with the weapons I have, I’ve tried breaking contracts with fohat, I’ve tried mindset-changing approaches, I’ve tried every way that could help me, so I feel an unlock, it feels like something has changed, for ultimately in practice and in the real world nothing happens, everything is always the same, mentality changes come along with reality changes, I can’t just become a happy and positive person if in my day to day reality is always the same.

My entire family and including myself have been dreaming of several of our members dead or extremely ill, this has gone on for several weeks, this cannot be normal. I don’t know if this is good or bad, maybe the entities are feeling threatened by my methods and are wanting to make me afraid.

Hows your sis

Well, I have several sisters, one of them dreamed about it, but it’s not the one I mentioned in previous posts, my mother has had such dreams too, and even other distant family members.