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This is a new series of threads called “Recommendations” for different categories/problems/issues in a more general way—something like our own handy library. :wink:

Feel free to drop your favourite field for that, with a short explanation. That will help other people a lot. This could also be inspiring in creating more related fields, as we could see what is missing. Or maybe you will discover a hidden, missed gem that is a solution for you.

My recommendations:
Release Burnout and Overwhelm

Attract Best Job - Future Self Timeline

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I would add these two as well:


Hello It is Feb 2024. Anymore new fields recommended for jobs?

When i read the reply from Maitreya Field, while i have been unemployed for 18 months (got fired from a job i worked for 10 years with my true devotion, and the reason was i am unwilling to vax), i needed to ask, what do i want to do with making money to pay rent besides using most of my time to practise meditation/quiet down my mind/self realization.

Quote: Money is a reflection of what self-worth you give to yourself. This hits me hard. I always feel I am what people price me. I cannot think of anything i can sell for money…besides currently selling my camera, laptop, other electronic items.

I don’t know what i want to do for work other than things related to Buddhism or things that help people find their meaning of life. Yet, these items make no money…


Sell your knowledge. If you have a camera and laptop, then you can use it to make money. Follow your passion and learn something new. They are people who will resonate with you and will be willing to pay for your methods and guidance.


Your dismissal was a sign that the vibrations between you and your employer no longer aligned, and that the universe had prepared something better for you, but you didn’t realize or recognize it.
For some reason, I’m confident that you weren’t happy in that job.

Money is a reflection of the amount of love you give to the world by being true yourself.

If you believe it doesn’t bring money, you’re right.
If you believe it brings money, you’re also right.

If you dedicate a couple of hours, you’ll find immense confirmation in the world that on topics that interest you, you can not only make money, but earn huge amounts of money. Money can be earned in absolutely everything, and YouTube is a huge confirmation of this. For example, a girl who cleans other people’s apartments for free and earns millions from it, gamers hosting live streams and earning hundreds of thousands, and much more.
The only thing that sets these people apart is their love for what they do.
This love becomes even more important for those on a spiritual path. Because motivation in the form of money may not work.

I’m sure you already have all the fields you need. The only thing I see lacking in you is a lack of faith in yourself as a creator. A creator of your own reality.

And here are some tips for you.

Firstly, set your intention.

It doesn’t matter what it takes or how it looks; I am going to create my life. I won’t live according to anyone else’s viewpoints or realities. I’m going to create my own!

Secondly, here are some questions to ponder:

  • How can I contribute to the world, express myself, and make a lot of money effortlessly, joyfully, and magnificently?
  • Earth, what contribution can I be for you?
  • What contribution can I be for a vast number of people?
  • If I were creating my reality, what would it be like? Universe, show me, how can it be?
  • What else can I add to my life to create even more money? How is it possible for me with ease? What should I do? Who should I talk to? What energy, awareness, and space can I be … to?
  • What can I do to bring the joy of money into my life?
  • What easy ways of making money do I have that I continue to avoid?
  • Universe, show me a business through which I can serve people, where I can showcase and unleash my best qualities, generate and create XXX $ per month for myself and my family with absolute ease, joy, and magnificence?
  • What could I add to my life that would bring money so easily that I’d be amazed I could have money so quickly and easily?
  • What can I be, do, have, create, and generate today that will create and generate money both today and in the future?
  • What will it take for this to show up in my life?

Choose your questions, ask yourself, keep them constantly spinning in your mind, and follow the emerging energy of ease, creativity, and innovation.

Ideas, thoughts, people will start coming to your mind. What to do, whom to call, what to read, which video to watch. You’ll notice how your inner state has changed. Even more options will begin to surface. Something like: “Ah, here’s the people I want to work with. How can I be useful to them? What can I do for them?.. Right, I’ll write to them now… I’m a creator, I create my reality…”

And follow that state of ease, joy, and satisfaction. Keep it within you, cultivate it.

And be open to all emerging opportunities.


@Polaris Thank you for the suggestion. I love guitar, music composition and drawing. However, finding people willing to spend money on me, is hard. At least, i tried in last 18 months. Still, thank you for the kind consideration.

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@hero Thank you so much for your reply. You give me a totally new point of perspective. Yes, my last job was in the bank for 10 years, and i really dedicated myself to the job, to a point when the team is falling apart, i worked 12 hours to keep the team going due to constant team members quitting and replacing. At the end, my return is they laid me off as i refused to be vax or go to downtown (in a dense area). So i get what i do, and i have no regret. Yes, i don’t like the job because banking is never my first choice in career.

I guess even i told myself to be a freelancer as a graphic designer or website designer, realizing a person will sell a logo design for $20, my heart turned cold (5 years ago, a logo is at least $100 thru design)…I tried in last 10 months, but i could hardly get enough tasks to cover my rent.

If you believe it doesn’t bring money, you’re right.
If you believe it brings money, you’re also right.

Yes, this world is a belief system. you believe what, and you get what. Thanks for reminding me on this.

Money can be earned in absolutely everything,
I used abundnace affirmation, mindset, best job attracts and so on, but it seems nothing gets through…my ego is too huge i guess.
You give me a very strong point, creator of your own reality. This is something i haven’t really thought of. Even though i refused to become a disposable/replaceable wheel in a financial system (i am 40, and my wage is double of a new grad hire, and they are more willing to work longer hours than I do), my mindset is still hoping to find an employer to hire me so that i have more spare time to meditate until i am ‘awake’.

It seems like my journey is forced to be changed from staying home and practising on calming the mind to creating my reality, as i have reached a point of saving is really drying up.

Thank you for all the questions listed. Truly, highly appreciated it. I will read them more clearly after my meditation.

Today is Feb 29, and it only occurs once in every 4 years. It will be special day!

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Read with your heart, not your mind

As the creator, you assign meaning to all events. For instance, why not make each new day in your life special? After all, it will never repeat itself again ))

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@Mucc I think you have a Buddhist vow that obligates you to be poor and serve without even having the RIGHT to ask for money. Other people are more important than you.

This is the energy I feel, which naturally isn’t true, but just a vow. See what vows Buddhists take regarding this and renounce them, because they are meaningless.

One can serve others by their own choice and for a fee (exchange of energy, which is what money is), not out of obligation.

This vow is also tied to various internal struggles in your relationships with people, and once they are broken, things will start going much better for you.

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@Maitreya Thank you very much for spending time to give me a deeper insight.

This is another perspective i haven’t thought about, as consciously i don’t believe i will do things without asking for money. But looking at websites, youtube that i bulit for buddhism, yes, i actually did them without asking for return and spending my time/money to do that.

Maybe i can create a donation paypal, and see whether there will be the exchange of energy (money).

Thank you for pointing me to another side that i don’t realize, as I do have a mindset of doing without asking for return for Buddhism related tasks. Regarding to the vow, i actually need to look online to see what did i vow when i took the ceremony and becoming a Buddhist. Hehe, i don’t have a photographic memory.

@Maitreya @Hero
Due to the encouragement from both of you, I decided to take a step forward today. Deep inside, I felt uncomfortable to accept payments/donations from strangers on any of my Buddhism works because initially I felt I am not good enough to sell creative arts to earn money. Also, i avoid accepting anyone money to avoid possible karmic debt (meaning, i don’t want to be resurrected to earth again for repay the debt).

As year 2024 is the year of dragon, and dragon represents changes, along today is Mar 3 (3 3, or 33. 33 is an important number in Buddhism. It represents Trāyastriṃśa heaven, formed from the numeral trayastriṃśat, “33” and can be translated in English as “belonging to the thirty-three [devas]”. It is the second in the six heavens of the desire realm in Buddhist cosmology), i am on a turbo mode, let go of my perspective of donation and create my first Buymeacoffee page.

This will mark my beginning of manifesting a passive income stream to achieve financial freedom (I truly no longer have urge to work in white collar job anymore, even though I am on a credit card debt. )

Once again, @Maitreya @Hero , thank you for the encouragement which gives me a good ‘push’ on my back when i am confused on my path.


I wish you all the best :slight_smile: and I hope you will enjoy it!

Yes, that’s a very good idea as a starting point while you find the things that stop you from setting your own price. This will also ensure you don’t experience subconscious resistance and can allow money to come to you naturally.

Tried and true statement!

What is so wrong with Earth?

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This is a misunderstanding on your part. You can create karmic debt towards people to whom you provide free services because there is a law of Giving and Receiving in the universe that needs to be balanced. Also, by doing so, you place yourself on a higher level than them, which is not good for you or for others. At our level and other lower levels, this law is valid, and you live in this space, i.e., you are subject to its laws. The only place where payment is not required is at the Source. In all other dimensions, it is necessary for a person to have a healthy relationship with the Law of Giving and Receiving.

If violated, problems arise. For example, a person can become very bad financially, and may even develop physical problems because they are drained. They attract victims, people who want to take from them without giving anything in return and refuse to take responsibility for themselves, possibly transferring their burdens, their karma, their weights, etc., onto you.

It is crucial for everyone to receive energy in return proportional to their effort.


Does this response inform me what is wrong with Earth?

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Earth is shifting, whether people are ready or not, but it will take a few more generations to clear wrong belief systems and slavery. I’m absolutely sure that we will get there.


No. It was more directed as a response to Mucc.
The topic of what’s wrong with the Earth is so long that I don’t feel like getting into it. :slight_smile:


@Maitreya Thank you for your reply. At first I truly disbelieve what you said because I am taught to give, not to expect for receive anything. I thought by doing so, the world will become a better place. This is my first time to hear Law of Giving and Receiving for me doing free service for people.

But guess what? Even though i used the money multipler and other wealth tracks, today, i got a bomb from government. They said i owed them $760 due to i forgot to inform them i had cashed out company employee stocks last year (well, that stock company did not mail me a form, so i totally forgot about it). So my debt suddenly increased $760 more, on top of my existing $600 debt.

So i have to believe something is changing on my side to force to accept this Law. Thank you for your information. So now, i have to manifest for wealth coming in soon.