Subconsciousness Reprogrammer works well?

i would like to buy this audio, but i don’t understand a thing. does it work with all our beliefs? both mentally and physically? because if so, this is the definitive audio. in theory we could literally change our physical appearance or our ability to learn or have natural gifts.
another question I asked myself is: can I say the instructions in a whisper? because I live with other people and it embarrasses me to have to say “delete I’m ugly add I’m beautiful” or other topics like sex or money or intelligence ahahah

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Yeah, you can change almost anything. What you believe, you can achieve that.

Once you start taking actions to bring changes, it fortifies your belief system. So, acting on the beliefs is important too.

Yes, you can whisper or even silently talk to yourself and it will bring changes. Actually we talk to ourselves almost all of the time, consciously or subconsciously. That’s why they say, thoughts are powerful and it defines who we are.

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