Very suggestible mind

For a long time I have been thinking that my mind may have become very suggestible, due to the use of several subliminal accelerator audios that facilitate the entry of messages into the subconscious. everything I don’t want comes easily and doesn’t go away, even my thoughts are easily suggested for what I don’t want to happen. What do you think about it? Is there any audio that can be used to restore it to its normal state? Or statements that can be used to reprogram the subconscious with the belief reprogrammer?

Having a suggestible mind is a good thing because you can change easier to become the person you wanna be. If you don’t want others to influence you use the subconscious reprogrammer to make all your actions based on what you want in your life not others. You can use the tv/song protector field Maitreya just came out with


When you move up in levels this will happen to anyone. Expansion is a beast and must be worked with carefully or it can literally make you bat shit crazy! I have seen this before lol and it tries to do it to me but I’m pretty stable. At the higher levels you must watch your thoughts, actions, and deeds since everything has the ability to manifest into your reality. Figure out ways to control your mind and emotions and you will be alright. If you want to revert back to normie status then you could just stop using tools. By using these tools you open up a space in your reality that induces your current situation!

“I am always in control of my emotions”
“I always have a positive outlook on life”

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