Question on the 2 subconsciousness programmer on gumroad

Hello everyone, merry xmas!

I come across to your YouTube channel today and am interested in your audio.
.I checked gumroad and it has

Imagination Revision v2 Subconsciousness Reprogramming

Subconsciousness Reprogrammer

  1. What are their major difference? Is v2 sub reprogramming all self programmed by you, while sub reprogrammer require me to do things?

  2. do I need to do anything other than listening and meditating with it?

  3. can I use it during sleep?

  4. do v2 take one month to be completed?

Thank you!!

You can’t use while asleep and it’s not subliminal so you don’t have to wait for a month. It works instantly. Version one is for changing negative belifes and v2 is for past reprogramming in your mind. You can study about revision method for more knowledge. And you can’t meditate while using them. It’s already made clear in description.

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Thank you for your reply

So Subconsciousness Reprogrammer= instant Subconsciousness Reprogrammer, and it requires learning and input from ourselves to make it work?

How about Imagination Revision v2 Subconsciousness Reprogramming? Do I need to learn anything or I can just play the audio and make the field work?

Sorry for the ask. I look into the detail but I don’t grasp the method. Thank you

All Subconsciousness Reprogrammer series should be used manually. They are advanced tools that help you to change your mind (instant subconsciousness change), but you should choose the new beliefs and remove those that don’t serve you. We have 3 topics for that in the forum with lot’s of information, you can check them out.

Thank you for the reply. I am new to this forum. Just realize there are replies for v2 under new release…and now I understand both are manual and require us to figure out the deep root of the problems before you can make the new installed commands work properly. my self awareness is low. It may be very hard for me to tell what and why this occurs.

Maybe I will wait for an auto subconsciousness reprogrammer from your site instead.

Thank you once again!

Hmm…let’s wait and see :thinking:

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watch your thoughts in situations or when you want to archive something, what pops up
for example you want a new expensive car, what is stopping you to have it?
imagine how you are purchasing it, what feelings, thoughts you have?
the thoughts that pop up in that moment are the things that sabotage you to have it