Subconsciousness Reprogrammer

This really works instantly?

I believe that after some time listening to your mind you will get used to the energy, first an alignment, after that you will manifest instantly

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i purchased and have gotten great results already


you already got results? wow

Can you tell which results you got?

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i reprogammed a belief that I had ocd/mental illness with being free of any mental illness and have been able to stay present and keep my thoughts under control all day which is a big deal for me


great to hear man,can you give us more precise info like how many times u used,ffor how long each time etc

@blackfox98 I have used it a bunch of times for a number of different things, I do believe that the program/belief has been switched and I believe the things but I don’t actually see a change for some of them in reality… not sure if I worded things poorly and it didn’t work or that it takes time to change . I am a bit confued about this field and hope that @Maitreya can add some more help in regard to this


This works beautifully, right now, I am focused on a few main areas at a time.

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In order for changes to show up in reality, a large part of the beliefs that prevent “the desired result” should be removed.

For example, I install in myself I am rich, but in my subconscious there is a belief “I do not deserve it”, then the results will be slower and smaller compared to when most of the beliefs are cleared. I always advise when someone catches one topic to fix it all before moving on to the next. Quality over quantity.

Another example. Relationship work: You install that I am very beautiful, womens like me, etc., but on a subconscious level there may be a belief: I do not deserve to be loved (see the changes from like - love). There is a confrontation here and you will start to attract more people in your life who like you, but because the belief “I do not deserve to be loved” is not removed, the relationships you will attract will quickly deteriorate due to the subconscious program.

How do we find these subconscious programs? The best way is and always will be to observe yourself, what do you think, how do you feel in this situation, and why?

Changing the subconscious is not a one-day job, but it is worth it.

Imagine you subconscious like a computer without any feelings and be SPECIFIC with the words / commands you put into.


thank you, this helps


can I listen it while I sleep?

can I listen it while I sleep or no?

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I think that it won’t give you any results because you need to change beliefs constantly


no, you need to rework it consciously


I can honestly say, that this was a game-changer for me. And I am so grateful for this reprogrammer :heart:
From my point of view, it gave me complete control.
I made a whole ritual every time I used this field. First I wrote bad thoughts I wanted to get rid of and on the flip side I wrote positive one.
And results were instant from the very beginning. It took me a while to find my way to, and I wasn’t able to do it every day, due to headaches (Too much, too fast, too many categories :sweat_smile: - typical me)

The most magnificent is that I can pick my own words, those who resonate with me, my own unique and personalised plan.

It helped me a lot when I’ve had a healing crisis during the DNA repair and I’ve struggled with low moods and I was felt so depressed.
I managed to control it.

I do enjoy digging into my mind and hunting everything I don’t want to have there. Like I said this gives you full control and I love that it has been made that way to work with this field, because I have found out so many things about me.

From the bottom of my heart
Thank you :heart: