So, playing fields simultaneously

Hoping to find out if I can play more than one thing at the same time. I know Sapien stuff can only be played one at a time but with Maitreya’s, more than one can be played at once right?

And more importantly, what if I played a Sapien and Maitreya simultaneously?

I mainly am looking to play sapien’s alien intercession with the art of communication simultaneously and just would like to know everything is working correctly, ideally


normally people in comments recommend using quadible’s game changer thing to listen to fields simultaneously together. However I do know that mef says that you can use all of his fields simultaneously together. This does not include other creators though.

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I really would just throw in the game changer and do whatever but all I have is a phone right now and that limits me in what I can do simultaneously

Either way I thank you and appreciate your response :slight_smile:

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Yes it works but really not recommended. Things work one-pointed much better.

You can use on an another device a background-field that is for your environment.


Maitreya fields work very well concurrently.
Although you don’t have to overdo if you are a novat.


Appreciate it guys :slight_smile:

What’s the maximum amount that we can listen simultaneously? currently I’m using 2 stacks that have 13 fields each, including the 2 boosters. u guys think that I’m fine?

One at a time for best results.

Everything works just do what you want.

You wont get there any faster by stacking fields but that’s not to say it does not work.

Limitless mentality will set you free of all boundaries.


I have done and still do multiple fields. I use different devices and speakers for each one. I have this thing about mixing energy from the same speaker.


Tablet, PC, three cellphones. All with their own speakers attached. You can create very interesting energetic environment. Guess I’m saying in general use one energy per device. Although I have played multiple fields from my PC at times.

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@Nexus when you pick such fields, do you generally use audios of the same theme? Thanks

I usually do this when I am doing active manifestation. Something to raise my vibration, something to clear blocks, something to boost manifestation and something to boost all the fields. Essentially it is always good practice to keep a certain theme when using multiple fields yes. You could also throw in a cone of power to this or a sacred sanctuary. Then add infinity repeater, domino effect and atomic tap. Light and vibrational guidance is a beast too.


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