Booster Overview and Discussion

Hi Together,

I thought it is time to have a little Booster discussion. Which are available, which do what, which when to use etc.

From my understanding there are at the moment four different types of Boosters that one would use differently:

Boosters that YOU USE BEFORE LISTENING TO SOMETHING ELSE to charge yourself up:

  • QUANTUM BOOSTER (“…expand your auric field, so you can listen more and get faster results.”)
  • Fields Booster + Increased Energy Sensitivity
  • Permanent Results Integrator


  • Maitreya - Energetic Field Converter + Super Booster Amplifier

Boosters that are boosting YOUR INTENT WHILE YOU LISTEN TO THEM, which means that you have to actively use these boosters while doing manifestations (feeling the end result, visualizing, looking at your Vision Board etc.):

  • Fast Manifestations + Luck and Abundance
  • Atomic Tap - Powerful Manifestor
  • Infinitely Repeater (active use)

AUTOMATED positive manifestation Boosters:

  • Domino Effect Booster
  • Abrakadabra
  • Infinitely Repeater (passive use)

Which ones do you use the most and for which applications?
Which ones are working the best for you?

@Maitreya said that the Infinitely Repeater is the strongest one right now in its field description.

Of course, pretty much all of these tools can be combined with the Reality Shifter and the Subconscious Connector too.


i think you can also include the Infinitely Repeater in the Automated Boosters…

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Ok, added :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there a way to protect your tags or DMs from being boosted?

Can one just verbally state that to the field?

Im asking if Maitreya’s boosters would also boost the fields on Sapien’s tags.

I read that when I first joined the forum and never had it confirmed.