Maximum number of fields you can stack

Does anyone know what is the maximum number of fields you can stack and listen to at the sane time ?

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honestly, I don’t stack any unless it’s a booster. I personally find I don’t feel the field hitting me as hard when they’re stacked even if the topic is the same.
example being brain chemicals and dopamine repair together. So that being said, no I don’t know lol

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Thanks James i was contemplating perhaps to run greek god beauty at night and then run the programming field during the day. To help me learn new I.T technology.

From what has been said by others in the community it is better to run the fields one at a time if it’s a field that you are using for physical change. Running environmental fields in combination with physical fields is said to be okay. Also running boosters with other fields is said to be okay. I stacked multiple fields for a good year and saw less results. When I finally calmed down and started running each field by itself my results went straight through the roof! Like I have mentioned before in another thread. This is not s sprint… It is a Marathon.


I think that both methods can have their advantages and disadvantages, and not always what is most recommended for other people is the best for you, in my case for example practically the conventional way does not work, I need to look for others, when I want to say about advantages and disadvantages, I mean that for example, if you use 10 fields a day, you will not be able to hear all of them at least 1 hour a day, as that would be 10 hours, unless you have many hours available in the day, if listen more than 10 is even worse, you will have to listen to each field 30 minutes or less a day, and what do I mean by that? This is not the best for everyone, the conventional instructions sometimes do not work for some, I can’t get good results using the fields a few minutes a day, an example is the plasma field of sapiens, I heard it every day for practically 1 month, 1 time a day, I put the playlist together all right and cute, and it didn’t work, but when I started increasing the amount for several hours a day the results came, if you listen to several fields at the same time, you save time , and you can listen to all of them for more than 1 hour a day, which can speed up your results instead of slowing down, or the other option is to focus on a few fields, like 3 at most, giving you a long time to listen to each one separate, what I say is, try it, test it and see what is best for you, I hope you understood and did not get too long.


No question one must experiment for themselves. Each of us responds to the energies differently as is the reality of the game, so what works for one may not work for another.

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Honestly I still fight the urge to blast 3 and 4 field at once lol


Will listening to subliminal simultaneously with fields affect the energy of the field? I play fields (sapien/maitreya) overnight played with subliminals from the same device over Bluetooth speaker, what do you think?

Nope, subliminals are just words that are very quiet

Yeah I understand that, just wonder if it will affect the energy output of the field playing from the same device

I see, no I would say not. I make bundles for people, especially if they have fields they want integrated. No such problems

Thanks my friend

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