Listening to multiple fields at once

Hey maitreya Im listening to 19-20 of your fields using, I wanted to ask you if it is a problem? Does listening to multiple fields at once hinders results? I’m using quadible’s game changer with the fields too though.

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Welcome Haru,
that shouldn’t be a problem. I hear a whole lot more fields myself. But what could well be that the effect takes a little longer to appear than if you hear less.

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Hola @Sahiela que tanto podrian tardan los resultados. Quizas hasta 1 mes ,3meses o mas?

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En este momento hay alrededor de 31 campos de Maitreya, 24 de Dream y 12 de Programmed Intention que escucho. Eso es aproximadamente 20 horas al día, todos los días. Los resultados que obtengo son más una síntesis de todos los campos juntos. Y eso lleva tiempo. El campo que he escuchado por más tiempo tomó alrededor de cuatro meses hasta que no habría tenido más beneficios del campo si hubiera seguido escuchándolo.
Ahora, a su pregunta, a veces menos es más, especialmente porque no todos tienen la oportunidad de escuchar durante tanto tiempo. Pero, ¿cuánto tiempo se tarda en obtener resultados?
también depende del campo que escuche. Solo porque escuche un campo como “Grow Taller” doscientas veces en una semana, no puede esperar haber crecido diez centímetros. Eso significa de unos meses a medio año, si es que 10 cm son posibles. Solo por ejemplo.
Los campos que te hacen más seguro de ti mismo y están más en el área psicológica, pasan muy rápido. Pero cuanto menos tiempo tengas para escuchar, menos campos escucharé para obtener resultados más rápidos.

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Right now there are about 31 fields from Maitreya, 24 from Dream and 12 from Programmed Intention that I hear. That’s about 20 hours a day, every day. The results I get are more of a synthesis of all fields together. And that takes time. The field that I heard the longest took about four months until I would not have had any further benefits from the field if I had listened to it.
Now to your question, less is sometimes more, especially since not everyone has the opportunity to listen for so long. But how long it takes to get results
also depends on the field you hear. Just because you hear a field like “Grow Taller” two hundred times in a week you cannot expect to have grown four inches. That means a few months to half a year, if 10 cm is even possible. Just for example.
Fields that make you more self-confident and are more in the psychological area, they go very quickly. But the less time you have to listen, the fewer fields I would hear to get faster results.

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Are u from germany?

Hi Amin,
yeah, I´m from Germany. I live in Frankfurt am Main

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Komme auch aus Frankfurt

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Das werden bestimmt auch noch mehr werden. Vielleicht ergiebt sich mal die Gelegenheit nach Corona eine Kaffee zu trinken und bischen zu quatschen.

What app for android you guys use for listening many fields in same time?

Use soundpad you can play as many audios as you want


Sorry, I just realized that I completely misinterpreted and understood the title of the thread and the question. :scream: I only just understood that it’s about listening to several audios at the same time. :flushed: And no, I don’t hear the tracks at the same time, but one after the other. Since I’m more of a auditory type, multiple titles at the same time would be too much of a good thing. The only exception are the titles of Programmed_Intention because they are silent. I run them on a second iPod while listening to the others on another.
I assume you are referring to the audio “Gamechanger” from quadible. Well, I’m not really sure if this really leads to faster results. Definitely save time. You can tell us how the results are with this technique.

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Can you share the download link?

Do I need to buy the app?

Can you send me the link to download soundpad?

I don’t think it’s good listening multiples audios at the same time.
Maybe two is ok but more will not be effective.

thanks man :wink:. it will be useful for multiple audio broadcasting with energy storage creating field.

I was desperately looking for an application that allowed to have multiple audio at the same time. Here it is, it’s done now … cool :blush:

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Soundpad is perfect for playing mutiple energies for the storage audio