Sleeping while listening fields

Is it okay to listen to fields while sleeping?

I’ve heard Sapien Medicine guys that sleeping puts you in a state in which you’re not open to fields the same way while you’re conscious and awake.

Just remember to ground your self.

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That might depend on how the field is supposed to work. If a certain field needs you being active in some way.
In general, my experience is the opposite, especially with physical fields. Beware of looping heavy fields though.
Less is often more with this kind of thing.

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There is no problem with listening to fields at night, quite the opposite. At that time, a person is much more receptive because their mind is not working and their subconscious is more open.

Only suitable fields for nighttime should be considered, as M45 has advised. For example, energy fields would not be suitable, nor would heavier ones with significant changes to the energy system, unless you have allocated enough time to rest and integrate them.

And last but not least on the topic, sleep is very important, and in my opinion, should not be overstated. After all, all the fields work for energy changes, and this is actually an activity for your system at several levels, which takes away from your rest. If you don’t get enough rest for a prolonged period of time, your results may slow down or even stop altogether as a protective measure by your body against what you’re doing.

Perhaps an optimal method would be: one week of listening at night, one week of not listening and using fields at night.