Question about fields

I have bought and worked with some fields for a few months now. But I don’t seem to be working well with it, so I don’t see much effect. The list of daily listening is not quite fixed, and a little anxious why the effect does not appear yet.
I have some questions and would like to get your help:
1.Do the effects of the audio field need to be heard ? If not, can the audio field be played directly from the phone’s speaker with the volume turned down to a very low level, maybe 10%, in the pocket of pants. This may not be heard because it is very low, would this be effective?

2.Do mp3 and images downloaded from Patreon still work on computers and phones? How much audio should I listen to per day without overdoing it? What will happen if I overdo it? We get full when we eat too much and our body signals us to stop eating, but how will our body react if we listen to too much of the audio fields?


  1. No, yes.
  2. Yes, depending on the person (like the food), in my experience sometimes can feel tired (use 3 treasures or rest here) and others like too much energy like the body electrified (use grounding here)… like the food you can use certain amount and the rest will go to the restroom :laughing:
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Thanks Flatsbi,

Yes Yes, I think I have both, It’s like being very tired and wanting to sleep, but you can’t sleep after drinking coffee. So I stop listening fields, and then I got a cold. It may be a symptom that the body can’t afford.
Oh, I don’t take it too seriously. This is not a toy, this is not rainbow candy. I should try not too fast.

Get the mandala resistance dissolver.
I can feel huge resistance and fear of change.

A low volume of 10% is ok. Use speakers on your phone or other technology, not headphones.
If you have mandalas - give them your intention to make “this and this”.

Too much is not good. Listen to your body, and emotions, you will get signals when is Ok and when you are out of balance.

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