Tuning in to fields?

Has anyone noticed a difference between consciously directing your energy or attention towards the field having more impact that if you just play it and forget about it? :pray:

energy follows attention = charge implosion

So yea kinda normal, later you even can “boost fields”

By that i not mean the field really, i mean the one you generate because of the field.

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That’s how all energy work operates.


Ok than boosting my own field will make the one I’m listening to more powerful or make me able to listen to more fields(without making out)?

Hmmm makes sense. But then how can looping it while you sleep be so effective for some people?

I don’t meant really that but yes, that’s really true. You can absorb the energies more efficient and resist less to changes.

It’s important to have a good nervous system, especially in the brain to handle higher energies.

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Because they still work passively. Passive exposure for a long time can be very effective. This is the basic premise behind mandalas. :wink:


Good thinking on the nervous system. I had a strange feeling about that field so I’ll go for it. Any advice on how to strengthen or project my own field(other than listening to a booster)?

This would be the fastest way:

  • constantly spamming (like 2-4 times per day troughout the day) energy expansion (from sapiens card system)

mana circuit is also good, orgon accumulator and bio plasma…and maybe angelic vibrations 2.0?

The best one is actually a free sapiens one that tops all of that.

(dont forget to ground yourself)

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I appreciate the references. What’s the name of Sapien’s and do you know which site of there’s I can find it on?:sweat_smile::pray: