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My General Health and Weight Loss stack

  • Permanent Results (Maitreya) X 2
  • Biokinesis Booster (SZ) X 1
  • Diabetes Treatment (Sapien) X 2
  • Thyroid Regeneration (Sapien) X 2
  • Plasma Protocol 1 (Sapien) X 1
  • Heal All (SZ) X 2
  • Weight Loss Burn Fat (Maitreya) X 2
  • Supreme Fat Burn Thyroid (Maitreya) X 2
  • Negentropic Jing X 2
  • Saint Biceps X 2
  • Carboxytherapy X2
  • Hydrogen Fission X2
  • Sigh workout X 3
    I also added SZ Rapidly Ground a few times in between the audios thanks to TBD tip.

Not using much right now

But putting maitreyas androgen receptor and the semen retention field in one item ( with field storage creator) is really potent and has been working very good so far.

I know you are trying to shorten your list, but I would strongly recommend adding estrogen reduction, essential for weight loss and several other benefits, as estrogen has been around lately, so excess is a little unavoidable.

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What’s “Higher Self Experience”? Is it “the higher being experience” but renamed?

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Yeah it’s the same. I didn’t rename it that’s how it showed up in Apple Music


Thanks @DarkMatter - any suggestion on which creator has this audi? Thanks again

Sapiens Hormone Regulation (reduce estrogen) Energetically Programmed Audio. - YouTube


Is there any field that takes care of all hormones? Increase Testo, decrease Estrogen, etc.? :pray:

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Thanks @Wamuu

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Stack 1 :

  • Hercules Demi God
  • Weight Gain (Maitreya)
  • Weight Gainer (Sapien)

Stack 2 :

  • Androgen Receptors (SZ)
  • Androgen Receptors (Mef)
  • Golden Body ratio Maitreya (I plan to replace with Enhancement of Masculinity from Sigh)

Stack 3 :

  • Experimental NME (Sapien)
  • Snake enhancement (Sigh)
  • 11th power (QI)

And regularly listening DIY Biokinesis and Bulk Agent few times a day

Should i replace Golden body ratio with Sigh Enhancement of Masculinity ?

@anon37746154 any feedback on my stack? My primary goal is to lose weight/fat and get muscular.

Yea always a good idea but i presonally like maitreyas grounding more, get the mandala if you can.

Just for the looking or do you want some physical power?

Do you workout?

Maybe this could be something:

Sapien said he gonna release soon a new fat metabolism video, so check his new stuff.

And put carboxy after the permanent result booster.

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Ah and this:

use this in the storage field creator, it should be quite beneficial to run this 24/7, maybe paired with transform fat into stem cell

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  • Thanks @anon37746154, I have Maitreya’s new Grounding Mandala!! I just need to keep it on me and that’s it, right?
  • I do workout - cardio and some weights. My main goal is to look lean and muscular. Strength and power are good, if additional
  • I will add Fat Metabolism. Maosan told me the new audio will be a set of 3 audios. I dont know if I can afford it right now, but I started saving up for it :slight_smile:
  • I will move Carboxy to beginning!

Works the best yes, if the range is 5cm it’s a must otherwise it wouldn’t work.

Add Ojas, gives a lot of physical power after a while. Do you used soul restoration series?

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Do you think Field Storage creator is as effective as listening? For some reason, it feels weaker, and there was a thread on that topic where some other people said that too.