Sexual energy utilization technique

I once heard people talking about a certain sexual energy technique, that basically men went to adult nightclubs and watched women and etc., but did nothing with them, returned home and discharged all sexual energy in various spells, the do you think about it? Does it also work for the fields as a booster? Doing something similar and then listening to the audio? Hence sexual energy would be being used for this.


sexual energy can boost manifestation or you can even use your it to heal your body. It includes breathing and storing energy in the second chakra /for manifestation.

after you gather a lot you start to use your breath

on the inhale you (to the the second chakra) imagine what you desire

then you hold as much as you can

when you exhale you are imagining stuff that can sabotage this wish as they are leaving your body - fears, i don’t deserve that, i can’t, etc… - then you hold again as much as you can… you do this until you feel in yourself the desire is all yours.

For healing, for example if you have neck pain… You gather first energy in dantian and then you raise the energy to the neck in the place where is the pain.

Anyway i recommend to be pure in that.

Effects will be totally different if you think for a person you like/love and if you get boost from nightclubs, porn and other stuff like that.