Kundalini Energy Boosting

This field is created to boost kundalini energy and also make a preparation in you body - nervous and energetical system for this. It will fill your whole body and spinal cord with nice electricity energy which will give you great moods, energy and even can unlock more sensitivity and power in you.


@all people that ask for superpowers - here it is


I’m curious. Does kundalini awakening enable dark spirits to attack you? Is there any protection with this audio?

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Can you elaborate?


Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening, What happens after it

Chakras Experience In The Awakening


A book and CIA file on Kundalini:

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The audio description is different from the DM. So is the energy the same or different?

The description is the same.

My first play through with this, I “saw” two serpents coiling around my spine. Their colors were a deep/light purple with a golden hue around them. I got some weird imagery in my head. One was my legs were flat and getting longer. An hour before I played kundalini, I put a grow Taller stack on a field storage. Thinking back to the first play, I felt like I could almost control reality. I ended playing kundalini 2-3 more times. While I’m trying to go to sleep more imagery pops in my head. I had a voice pop in my head asking me “Will you join us?” I said “maybe idk I have to know who you are? No”
I can see now, how if you’re unprepared, you could go crazy. I’m glad I saw the book I posted above from Sapien’s forum.


Okay I’m FINALLY giving this some looping time to really see what happens.

  1. Currently on playthrough 3 or so. I kind of expected to feel this more in my spine but I suppose that’s more a thing during an awakening. This feels like… if this is what I think I’m “looking at”, like… Like it’s in my everything, to put it simply. Also when looking and pondering things to say, the thought that this has a very multidimensional thing keeps coming up. Like… it affects many different levels of your youness, unlike, say, looping a chi field and what you notice is mostly localized to your physical body

  2. Calming but also could be one of the most invigorating sort of feeling energy I’ve felt, I believe. Like it feels like my body literally is using this and I feel less like I need sleep for replenishment (but still could if I tried)

If any more comes up, will update


This feeling came back. I was about to go to bed and got woken back up. I was conceptualizing me with a bigger back and more muscular body. I instantly felt some sensations going on. My mind went to the grow taller stack and my body seemed to be like rubber. I haven’t played or put this audio on a field storage in a couple days.


Kind of forgot to follow up.

I fell asleep lol but it was a very good sleep.

Also had a dream involving me being with someone (like, together) who was my last like, actual crush, but for reasons, we are out of contact with a low to tiny percentage of a chance of anything actually happening or anything involving this person.

So… that was a bit unexpected. I rarely have the type of dream I want, that being one, so that was rare enough a type of thing for me that I think there’s a correlation. (Also, I just don’t dream much)

From tonight - decided to do my whole energy body (chakras, meridians, three treasures and such) and this

Still nothing crazy (one of these days I’ll have a field or combination of fields available in which I’ll have a trippy psychedelic or just out there kind of experience. Ooone daaay) but theres a definite difference from when I do that but minus kundalini.

Still nothing I’ve managed to put my finger on beyond “I really like how this energy feels.”

Idk what it is about the way it feels but I could see myself buying the mandala and to keep it on my person for a good amount of time

I just wish I knew what exactly was happening and being affected. Like I have a mild to moderate grasp of chi, jing, shen and ojas but that’s it, and definitely not something I would say is close to having a really good understanding of it (but that’ll come in time)

And like the three treasures have a process that involves a usually slow transformation/transmutation/whatever trans-word-tickles-your-fancy into ojas and I also have a rudimentary understanding of dan tiens

But I dont really know how kundalini fits in and interacts with things and stuff

But it feels cool and nice so I’ll enjoy having this new variable in my “try to see what energies are doing what” science


Kundalini = shakti / feminine energy itself


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Is there a way to stop Kundalini’s ascent, to put him back to sleep.

@Maitreya Maitreya, do you have any good ideas for bringing Kundalini back to its original sleeping state? I finally found an article that matched my symptoms. How I’ve felt in the last year or so: I have a fear/fear of thunder/fear of demons/a lot of synchrony/body aches/headaches… I feel out of control recently.

Once it’s awake, there is no going back. If that’s a true awakening…


If it really is kundalini. Do I need constant healing during this period?

Can I use this field? I had listened to some other kundalini audio before, and those made me feel miserable, so I wanted to replace them with this.

It is better to prepare yourself for Kundalini first. The intention and being ready are crucial.

I have activated Kundalini blindly in the past, so I want to adjust it through this audio, is it possible?