Sceptic buyer looking for hands-off approach

Hello everyone,

I’m somewhat sceptic about all of this field thing, but I went ahead and bought the fearlessness state, subconscious belief clearing and digital mandala manager v2. I guess desperation makes you sort of open minded.

Now, I’d rather not get too bogged down on whether this is doing something for me or not. I followed the instructions for the mandala manager, i.e. activated it and and instructed to send/broadcast the other mandalas in the same folder on my iPad to me all the time. Am I correct in understanding that I now don’t have to do anything else? I can just go about concentrating on my life and then evaluate in 6 months or so from now, whether it did anything?

Yes, this is enough. The fields will work on their own and you can evaluate how your life has changed in a few months.