DM: Appreciated

This field has been created to change your aura in a way that makes people see the best in you. You will attract appreciation and respect, people will see your talent, value you, and respect your authority. Your voice will be heard and acknowledged. 

The field also makes you more visible and recognizable to your soulmates on deeper soul levels.

Just when I think I’m all set for mandalas… :'D


Hi Vega, I ordered this as a custom digital mandala on the 21 December with a custom picture. Is this it, or does mine still need to be delivered?

Hello, No this is not it. The custom mandala is made after you are scanned and your personal subconscious blockages are released and you get customized field that addresses your specific needs and circumstances. It will still contain something like this mandala but will have much more that is specific to you.
You will receive your custom mandala in your email, it won’t be posted on the forum.


Thank you for your reply Vega!

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I bought the DM yesterday. My first impression, first the mandala looks great and regarding the effects, I haven’t printed the mandala yet, so I use it in digital form and I can feel it having an effect on my heart and throat chakra, though I am not sure what it’s working on.

Anybody else who has the mandala and can share their experience?

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