DM: Release Skepticism

This field is created to remove the feeling and viewpoint of skepticism and install in you faith, truth, hope, to know that things will go be always good for you, and to expect always a good result from what you do. Also, it will affect your relationships, giving them a more deep sense of love and trust. Starting to feel inside yourself a feeling of trust will expand your relationships on a whole new level.

Skepticism and its opposite trust are also very important factors for your abundance in all ways. If you don’t have trust, it will be hard to interact with the world fully and feel the abundance inside yourself.

Skepticism is one of the feelings which are constantly draining the person’s energy.

The root of it (most of the time) is when parents were giving their child 2 kinds of signals for the same thing and the child doesn’t know what perception or a feeling is right/ or wrong.

The field has a program to clear beliefs from the past and also learning your subconscious the difference between your feelings.


this is worth gold


This was fast lmao, I just saw this request the other day, awesome field for those who have even a drop of skepticism. This type of thing used to interfere with my manifestations 24/7


When I first saw the title - I thought it was going to be Skepticism about fields or manifestations. I guess it would work for that too?



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Thank you very very very much!! Bought it immediately!

Living in this world now, I cannot avoid having skepticism toward gov, news, media, professional, employer, and even my own judgement.

Certainly I should take it as an exam, but if i made a wrong decision, i don’t know whether there is a path for return, especially on the health part. I have a friend who had heart inflammation at the 2nd jab.

My job will require me to return to downtown office at Jan 2022. She announced at Black Friday. Hmm. It could be time for me to leave the job, as i want to avoid being in a 5g environment and contact with people as much as possible for now. This judgement keeps on battling inside my mind and heart, as no jab no job no money …and skepticism toward myself, toward my Buddhism friends/master, toward my friends/family/co workers, due to different views toward jabbing, skepticism keep building up/mind battling…impacting my perception/understanding of this reality.

Enough talks. Once again, thank you very much!

(If i remembered correctly, maitreya fields is from Spain? If so,)
muchas gracias
gracias señora

con gracias repetidas!!!


Running mandala through my tablet on my desk while working. Maybe through tablet the energy power may be stronger?

Hey hey, I didn’t pay for that, but I can still sense the energy , maybe we shouldn’t post paid DM’s, gotta be fair to those who pay for them. :slightly_smiling_face: But it is certainly working.

And all DM’s work fine on screens. Feel free to make it one of your wallpapers. It will work in the background. And Maitreya’s mandala’s do not stack and multiply, so one is enough.


The photo you are viewing is not the real mandala, just a base image, you may be feeling traces of energy, it doesn’t mean it’s something compared to the real product.


Oh my bad then. Thanks for letting me know :persevere:

Hey Lezallion, try the real one. You may like it!

The size of mandalas doesn’t matter.

No, but muchas gracias is known all over the world haha :blue_heart: :pray:


lezeallion, send me email.

Hehe, please excuse me for the wrong memory of your nationality!

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Amazing field, just used today for a while and my mind shifted so fast,no thinking about if bad things can happen (like expecting worse case scenarios and trying to be ready which is tired…) A perfect mental clarity with optimal harmonized fast decisions without any worries… This is wonderful dm, thank you Maitreya.


:blue_heart: :hugs: