Releasing Vows and Old Soul Contracts That No Longer Serve You

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Releasing Vows and Old Soul Contracts That No Longer Serve You We had past lives where we took vows of Poverty, Charity, Chastity etc. for religious or for aesthetic reasons. We may have vowed, informally, to love an individual ‘for eternity’. and through marriage we commit to our vows during our wedding ceremony.

Those vows are not allowing us to live our life fully now, because we said strong words with strong emotion. For example if now you have terrible relationships now with men/women, maybe you give in your past life vow to be only with one person/soul.

We also have vows to serve our Master, our King/ Queen or country in our past lives and this makes problems in the now.

It appears that these energies are felt with such a strong emotional vibration the energetic imprint remains with us and carry forward into our current life. It also appears that we meet and have relationships with the same soul in many lifetimes ( Many Lives, Many Masters/ Same Soul, Many Bodies by Dr,Brian Weiss) The lifetimes with these individuals may be filled with love or filled with pain and hurt and releasing old vows, commitments etc that no longer serve the Soul’s growth, allows the individuals to move on to greater experiences.

You can use headphones and speakers. We recommend speakers so it can affect your whole body /subconsciousness mind/. 2-3 times listening per day should be enough. You can listen it again when you feel the need.

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i started to feel extremely anxious, with a feeling of emptiness, as if my life had no more purpose or meaning, even when i never thought she had one, or even lived thinking about it lol. I was already getting desperate, but I remembered that I started using this audio in a storage item, so I was sure it could only be because of it, it’s a process that can be liberating, but at the same time too much freedom can make you lose the sense, I would not recommend using it in a storage item, caution would be better.


This sounds like those old Vows and old Soul Contracts were giving you some type of purpose.

But now, since they are being released, it means they are no longer serving you.

And so the next step would be, in your new-found freedom, to choose and decide what purpose YOU are going to give to your life by yourself.

Being freed of those old contracts means now you’ve the opportunity of a free will choice. A choice that is completely up to you, otherwise it would not be “free will”.

It may be scary at first, but recognize the gift that this actually brings.
The freedom to choose your own life’s purpose.



thanks man


Could this audio be used to revoke/annul any contracts or agreements that might have been made with any entities?

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You can try. Sometimes it works and sometimes the agreement needs to be discovered and destroyed naming it specifically.


“The freedom to choose your own life’s purpose.”

You don’t choose it, at least the human you does not choose it. You are born with a life / soul purpose.

Can I use it to clean up the soul contract I signed in this life (not just the previous life)?

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Yeah, this is even more easier



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Hello. Is it right energies for releasing church sacraments from christianity? Do you have knowledge what negative effects these sacraments have on our beings? I’ve heard it affect bad our chakras, block them. Some light on this subject will be very nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, all religions have a bad imprint on people, as old vows and soul contracts from past lifetimes. They can put big blockages to people during this time because they have energies that put shame/guilt/fear deep-rooted in the person. Suppressing people’s sexuality and such.
Also, the vows for not having material things, not having a wife/man, and sacrifice.
The list is endless.

This is a great idea for a field that clears all this, but I don’t know how people will react. There are very religious people and I am not sure if they will understand the main conception of this.


This is one of the few fields that I didn’t felt. I think because my soul hadn’t any contract and maybe because my soul is young. I discovered it studying my astral chart and my Lilith is in 9th house Capricorn.
I’ll say much when I’ll study better this topic. :dizzy:

I think you should make such a field, you should not care about very religious people and their reactions. If they want to stay that way, they should not use this cleaning field you will create.

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Thank you.

I think not everyone has to use it. Everyone has a choice. It will only be a tool to release negative influence of religion. If there are very religious people here, they don’t have to use it. From my perspective as ex participant in religion of catholic church, according to their teachings, participation in this forum, faith and the use of energy fields is magic and sin, it is very forbidden. Try to explain what chakras are. They are start talking about demons and satan. Really. So I think the people here are a lot more open minded and will understand the concept of this field. If not and it will be completely incompatible with their system of values and beliefs - what’s wrong for religious peoples if creation of this field will be exist?



It’s important to study history of everything, but more important to not be influenced by it for our path. If a catholic will study better history and asks to himself more questions, he will not have problems to understand other things.

Everything is a wall and not a bridge is bad.

This works incredibly well! I felt a good release upon the first listen & listened to it twice. I felt incredibly overwhelmed with sadness in the way you do when you’re letting go of something and cried. In particular, letting go of a connection in my current life that I know is connected to at least one past life. I actually wish I found this audio over 1-2 years ago because it would have saved me a lot of pain, sadness, confusion & tears lol. But maybe I needed to go through that to learn some important lessons (I definitely did). And maybe now cos I’ve been so ready to let go of everything, it was the right time to find this healing and it worked so quickly. This has got to be the most powerful results I’ve gotten from 1-2 listens!

It’s rather strange to think about that person now after the release… I definitely don’t feel that unbreakable love I did before, it almost feels like something is missing/not right cos it feels so different to before and the change was so instantaneous. But it’s just the old vows/soul contract that was keeping me tied to him emotionally when in this current life, we’re not compatible at all even on a friendship level. I think my human self is quite happy about this release as she’s never really liked him much but my soul feels like something is missing lol. Oh well, I’m sure she can find him in the spirit world.

I’m not sure I need to listen to it further actually, will be using the trauma clearing instead as I think I have a lot of past life stuff to work through. We are truly so lucky to have these resources to heal ourselves, thank you Maitreya :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:blue_heart: :hugs:


Dear Maitreya, I Have Ancestral Line Clearing, MY heart felt request would be that 'remove religuous programming" I forget the offical title thats on Venly, it would be soo delicious if that Mandala were made available elsewhere on the store site, gum road, some where, where it could be much more easily accessed, sorry but I cant stand Venly and do not like all the hoops one has to go thru just to get some spiritual energetic help. NO slam on MF, more the site itself which has many dealers on it, from different places/locations. I Feel that removing religious imprinting, and this one, Soul contract revocation, would be a wonderful marriage of the two, when combined and run together and/or printed and carried together. Tons of Respect and Love and Light, from the Heart Center:-)

Yes, the mandalas that are in Venly will be uploaded to the website. We don’t like working with NFTs and the complexity that all the platforms we tested offer to their clients.