Breaking all soul contracts, cords, oaths etc

Hi I’m interested in knowing which fields ( Maitreya and others ) you think are best for breaking all soul contracts / ties/ obligations that you made without knowing what you are really getting yourself into.

Even right now millions are making marriage oaths that will be broken in so many ways including divorce. At least that has a clause ‘ till death do us part ‘
I thinking with religion and even connecting to some of these deities people are giving away their power every day making promises to worship, obey etc.
it’s a shame

I believe that these are the main ones of maitreya, I will see about other creators.


Yes I agree.

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Thanks I woke up today thinking I need to release all these oaths that are no longer serving.

for what you mention, the universal cleansing audio from my point of view is the best you can listen to, that audio is an all in one, I am using it and if you are sensitive you will notice how the audio works, since I use it I am noticing how my whole body is clearing little by little and feels lighter, it is an audio that works practically at all energy levels, the truth is worth buying that audio.


Thanks I have it. I’ve been listening close to the 60 days and it is working to clear out blockages etc.
it’s just you know when you are not quite there yet.


if I understand you, I for my part that audio I will continue listening for quite some time, I dare say that probably listen to it throughout life, we do not know how much garbage we have been able to go accumulating during all our lives and existences, and that audio can be a great help to go eliminating all the garbage not only of past lives and existences, if not also the garbage that we can go accumulating in this life also


Absolutely. It is a keeper for life