Red wine for energy work, alternatives?

Hi there, I’m 4-claired, see, hear, feel and know beyond appearent and I do all type of works with energy, call it mage, medium, etc. My works are recognised by my clients. However my mind makes 7 to 10 questions a second, questioning all I do. The only way to mild it down is red wine. Is there any field I can use to heal this mind - sabotaging? What do you guys think this is? AI devices to break light? Im curious to hear your interpretations. I advance I have athletic body, perfect diet and perfect organ health as psychological. So, no weak spots to improve there. Thank you deeply.

This gave me complete control over my thoughts and that “silence” mind effect. The description references psychic work heavily, but the neurological changes give a clear, controllable mind.

I have a hyper mind, but this lets me pin thoughts, stop them in their tracks and redirect. If you’re interested in conceptual communication and are doing this type of work already then it should provide benefit to you.

This also does a very similar thing with a “silent and in control mind” effect. Both are good.

If you claim you have perfect everything else and believe you have no parasites which could be causing the issue, then it’s your mind.


Listen to the Blueprint of Mind/Emotion audios or use the DMs.


Hi Lezeallion,

I receive DM: Mind Control is what I need now. Personally and professionaly. The Art of Communication field I don’t need it, I receive I am beyond this field since I am born. It feels like watching a movie of who I am. Thank you very much. I will begin this week.

Hi Mandalo,

I receive these fields of Blueprints they work in geometrical structures that can refine my mind. I receive images about one day I was in a lake, I was disappointed, I created a belief. Bottle of water and a kid. There is the strategy of checking as consequence of not trusting him. This emotion connects with having to be over sure and sabotaging what is important. He was a kid I felt to be friends with. Thank you, very good, my nerve system sent information throughout the body when I did this channeling and renewed physical information. I wrote the stream of the process down in case it may inspire others.

Rejoy the year and enjoy the new year by the way !!

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