My energy sensitivity is lost

i can’t feel a field when its playing and i also put the audio around my body so to make sure it works well, at first i used to have great healing and intense sensitivity, but nowadays this has stopped workin altogether and im wondering if someone did this to me like a black magician or someone, and where i can achieve fields finally…once again so i can recover from my shell block mode sense


Energy blocks, I would clear the aura and seal gaps. Could be parasites as well.
I would definitely go for a deep energetic clearing and heavy body detox. Not fun, I know

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Sometimes that happens if you have been using too many fields and especially things from many creators. Not all creators make fields the same way and mafic is often used.


Depends how often you’ve been using energy fields due to tolerance you build up but someone blocking your energy like a low life ‘black magician’ is nonsense trust me i’ve been threatened by many black magicians I got very paranoid I’ve used energy fields to combat them although I’m not feeling that cold breeze anymore but thats nothing to worry about. Funny thing is that all the curses that they try to harm me came back to them. Some of them turned into suicidal or ended up into death.

and when it came back to them it came ultimately, i understand what you mean, but they keep on tryin but their master is locked up in prison and all they do is try to harm fore they flesh gets removed and then where they go i wonder no wonder lol

whenever someone harrass you , use cybercrime

Thanks for the advise brother

Try these for a few days 2-3 times daily, let me know how you feel after using these audios.


May I ask if this is repeated 2-3 times in a single playlist or at different times of the day? @Genius

As you feel comfortable with. A single playlist is a good option however I would recommend playing the grounding audio before any audio and also at the end of the playlist.

You can also include unconditional love in the playlist. This can help with overall health and can provide a good amount of energy for the body.


oh, I always only play it at the end of the playlist. I will try it before.


I will try stop listen different creators’ fields at the same playlist. I might have been hurt by that.

You’re recommending fields from a long time ago. Does the new one force it to be more effective? I also bought a lot of fields. @Genius

Does Nervous System Balance, Fields Booster & Increased Energy Sensitivity better for them? Are there any other paid field recommendations? As long as it works better.

Your experience is very interesting. Did you use Maitreya fields to repel the energy and if yes, which fields did you use?

Thats almost exactly what happened to me, yeah they harrass and then by using fields to remove what they tried goes back to them and either die or locked up or still a threat

I would recommend using this as well, this can help a lot with the fields to work on you.

Also, use the grounding mandala if you have it and always keep yourself hydrated.

With the paid fields my recommendation is as follows.;

Use these if you have demonic and other influences in your life.

If you feel drawn to the following ones then use them, as these forces install implants and devices on people and control them for their benefits and agenda.

You can use this one in your meditation it has the free version as well you can use this one to go deeper in your meditation to learn more about yourself as to who you are.

This affects not just your reality but can have effects on others around you as well it will not just fill your life with positivity but will create opportunities to get rid of anything that is hidden and is creating problems in your life, as well as creates opportunities to learn the lessons that you have not grasped yet and struggling with it. connects you to your inner self which you have not discovered yet. It is truly a gem for spiritual growth and evolution.


What about Divinity activation? Could be helpful as well nor? Greetings

Yes, it does help, I missed adding it. I put the ones that came up in my mind while typing. There are many fields that have deeper effects. use the ones that you feel drawn to.

It is not necessary to use only the ones I mentioned.

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Thanks, I have restore all bodies. But I m using DM:Revision. I try reset to see what will happen.

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I’ve been using DM: Revision these days. I found that my strength was restored and I was not as tired as when I used the field. My luck is back to what it used to be. bad. There are more interpersonal conflicts