Magic Audio's

Is it possible to ask to create audio fields and DM’s for the magic practice? Like to make work with spirits easy and smooth. To see, talk with them and especially for these who practicing magic with books from Gallery of Magic? Also, will be good to see audio files and DM’s for Rune stuff. Ready to be a tester.

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Tarot related stuff would be good too.

There are fields for clairvoyance and unfold the veil and a DM for communicate with anything that has a consciousness.


Cool, thanks for advice. But it’s just a part of being Mage. You see? It’s more about getting clear contact, and what about other Mage’s related stuff? I saw Clairaudience too. Maybe you know something else for complex work to make Mage’s practice easier through MF’s audios and DM’s?

I think that the basis for the development of any “supernatural” ability is a good energy system, I would start there. By the way, there is also a field that imbues the archetype of the magician.


What is drawing you too being a mage?

Getting knowledge about world and to get benefits from 151 Attunements smoothly. It’s all about working with Spirits smoothly.

Ahhh. Well have fun with that!

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So rude

Really curious how that is rude?

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