Confusing question 😆

I’m sorry, my question is little bit strange))
Is this fields and mandalas still working if I drink sometimes couple glass of wine?

I understand that it’s not the best idea. But really… Should I be absolutely sober every day of my life if I want to see the result?


Will still work

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How did you get the idea that you shouldn’t drink alcohol when you hear Fields ?. A glass or two of wine or beer shouldn’t be a problem. Just drinking excessively would not be a particularly good idea. But that is generally true whether you hear Fields or not.


Before I used subliminal audio. And it was one of the main directions - not drink alkohol at all. That’s why I’m asking))
Thanks for answer :ok_hand:

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There is a whole slew of information that is speculative in the community. I have found and it has been confirmed by many that if you drink alcoholic beverages it actually opens you up to things more. Many prophets, artists and others that have shapes the perception of society took some sort of mind altering substance to help them tap in to things.

I would try to drink more natural alcohol though such as wine, mead or kombucha.



I’m with @Sahiela on this one. I don’t drink, but there’s no reason why drinking would prevent your results

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How could you possibly side with something you have no clue about? Lol you don’t even drink so you would have no way to side! I’m just saying

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We will become Vikings.


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I wanted to quote mead lol.

Yes mead is the beesness lol

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I should work, as its energy we tap too.

Drink its not a problem, everyone has a Reset Button kind. Energy stay and work. We dont want to shift from A to Z in Second (even if it is possible). No rush in 0 world.

It’s logic man, just because I haven’t experienced something doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it.

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Sapien has an audio to enhance alcohol processing.

Yes, your results from the audios/mandalas will not be affected by liquor. Sometimes, I do drink whiskey , wine, lots of beers, etc. in parties or with friends. I listen to the audios before any drinking event not during.

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I didn’t mean at the same time)) For example, I listen fields at the daytime, but drink couple glass of wine at dinner with my family. Subliminals creators told that your brain couldn’t change after drinking alkohol. Because your brain has to create new neurologic connections, but this connections is very weak and thin. Alkohol destroy this new but weak cells first. So, this energy work became useless. But it was fair not for morphic fields, just for subliminals.

Both Sapien morphic fields and HypnoDaddy’s subs worked well for me in the past even if there are times I take alcoholic beverages after listening to them. This is ongoing for several years now. So, I suggest just drink in moderation, if you can, since it may be hard for some to avoid social drinking. Just sharing my experience.