RECOMMENDATIONS - Entities, Demons, Parasites, Implants

For anyone struggling with dark forces and wanting to get rid of it.
Everything that we definitely don’t want to have inside our bodies, such as implants or parasites.
Did I miss something?

DM: Soul Contract Revocation

Reverse Effects from All Frequency / Energetically Programmed Audio

DM: Revision - Full Restart

DM: Saint Basil the Great’s Exorcism Prayers

DM: Saint Cyprian’s Prayer

DM: DM: Remove Entities from Health

Removing Thought Forms and Parasites

Etheric Spells and Curses Clearing - Destroy the Effects

DM: Release from Archonic Control

DM: Unplug from EGREGORES

DM: The Autonomous Self Field

Divine Protection from Negative Energy and Bad Entities

Release and Block Astral/Physical Parasites Influence

DM: Removing J Seals

Removing Alien Implants