New Release: Imagination Revision v2 Subconsciousness Reprogramming

Part 2 from Subconsciousness Reprogramming Series.

When revising a situation that happened, if you do it to feel better within yourself about the situation, instead of to change the physical world, the world automatically changes because of the way YOU are feeling and seeing it.

This field should be used with work from your side, not by multi tasking. It will help you to create a new reality with Neville Goddard’s Revision Method. Audio is created to work with situations, experiences, clear trauma from your past… and this will create change in the NOW and of course in the future.

Audio will make instant connection with your subconsciousness.

Converting all negative energy and situations from the day to positive ones. You will feel instant relief and feel a lot better than before listening.

We added if you think (targeting – where you think there will clear) about some bad past experience, very strong energy technique that will clear the shock / trauma / bad experience and next time when it gets back to your memory it won’t have the emotional effect on you. So it will be neutralized. When we clear the traumas from our past we feel better NOW and can build a better future, without past attachments of pain/fear/etc.

Revision can be simply ignoring what you see in your external reality or in your past and thereby not giving it power over your beliefs. Revision can actually change the past. Revision can change your beliefs, deep-rooted beliefs, beliefs that you’ve had for 2/3 or more of your life. Revision can change your perception of what has happened and how you treat the incident going forward. You can do it at night, you can do it whenever you remember, you can do it on the spot. You can make up a whole new story, you can erase an incident, you can ignore it. There are many ways and you can simply find what works best for you!

Around 24-28 hours the big mind chattering will be under control with increased awareness with 50-100% more than usual.

And the Cherry Top - the field will help you to tap into your golden timeline, where everything is possible and you are the Creator of your own life. You will feel this after you clear some of your previous traumas and start to feel like you are “on the mountain”.

For me revision works magically, because the only person I need to change is myself. If I alter my memory of something negative and change it to positive, I feel better about it because anytime the old memory comes up (negative) I continue to remind myself of how I desired it to be (positive) " oh wait, no i actually remember it went like this _altered_positive_memory-" because that is ONE possibility out of infinite possible ways the past could have played out that already exists now! And so that is the memory I choose because I make the way I feel a priority. Then it unfolds, either an SP forgets about whatever happened, they change “ their” mind, or you end up back together as if it never happened, but it has nothing to do with them, only YOU!


Revision is all about ignoring what actually happened and imagining the desired happening with persistent or revising your reaction towards the unwanted event.

Question is, does revision change the past ??

Nop revision never changes the past … it changes the impact of that event … There is

no past or future … When you remembering something, you actually imagining it right now, when you imagining something about your future you actually imagining it right now … you living the consequences of your imagination right now you experiencing the unfolding of your imagination right now …

Be aware of what you are imagining … Because imagination is always in action …

When you revise a unwanted situation to wanted it will shift your perception and then you will start to imagining loving things instead of those past old craps … as a result you will experience something loving related to that past event …


How do we use this with instant subconscious reprogrammer to maximize their efficacy?


One is for past, and another one is for present and future. Depends on you how you wanna use it.


has anyone tried it? I am having good result with the first one.

@Maitreya, are there more coming from this series?


v3 could be one to identify very deeply hidden negative beliefs/blockages that would be hindering full results or one to create physical change faster somehow. I am getting great results as well but these are the other 2 areas that are taking time for changes

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How many times do we need to use it ?

With this series you have to work manually, so when some negative situation / memory / trauma pops up you work with the audio to clear it.


Great :heart:

Are there any instructions with field?

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Simply enter into a state of deep relaxation or meditation, in which your mind and body are very relaxed, but you are still conscious and awake. Starting from the beginning of the day, move through the main events that happened to you. Focus in particular on any events that seemed especially meaningful to you. When you are happy with how an event unfolded, take a moment to appreciate it and be grateful for it - aligning your energy to your desire.

If, on the other hand, the event did not go as you’d hoped. Begin to imagine yourself back into the unwanted experience. As you move through the experience, however, replace the unwanted events with your preferred idea of what could have happened.


These are for example original Neville words on revision


Revision works because everything is already created, all possible versions of us exist right here and right now, we just can’t see it with our reasoning conscious mind, but even quantum physics this proves, but these all versions are here at our disposal/favour.

So with revision we choose our desired version of our reality which has already being created, being happened, and this choosen desired timeline contains all necessary means and experiences which will affect further our reality in our favour, thus “golden string”

That this field repair causes or memories from some unpleasant experiences deep from our subconscious into desired one.



As far as your imagination goes, there is no past or present or future. All is happening NOW. GOD IS NOW.

I know many struggle to understand how revision works(the art of changing the past). I find once you remove the concept of time and space, then it becomes clear. Everything is now. Even the so called past. Revision is an almost reverse imagining. Though even the term reverse doesn’t do it justice. At the higher level time and space don’t exist.

As you imagine that event as you would have preferred it to go you do actually rewrite it. And because time does not exist to God, the event is literally redone and because of that a new deterministic sequence of events is set in motion corresponding to the revision. The shadow world is always a reflection of a previous imaginal act. The past is never past, it advances ahead of us as our objective reality.

By revising you have literally altered the past and thus altered the future because all is NOW at the higher level. You have set forth a new world aborting your prior conception. Remember you are the potter and the clay. There is nothing that is our of reach to your I AMness, the only potter.

So the “you can’t change the past stuff” is not true. With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. ALL THINGS. Let that settle in. The possibilities are literally endless when you know who you are.

How does revision work? Same as imagining for desired things, feelingly imagine the event as you would have liked it to go, give it all the sensory vividness until it feels real, like that is how it did happen and then rest in the knowing it is so. Your shadow world will correspond in miraculous ways.

Imagination and faith are not for the logical, reasoning mind because you cannot using a limited mind try to understand God. Faith has nothing to do with logic. Logic is simply man giving power to shadows and thinking himself so wise. The wisdom of man is foolishness to God.


What people say about revision:

The beauty of revision. i posted about an episode i had and I was updating in real time as to how I was dealing with it re Neville techniques. So two and a bit weeks ago I went to hospital with a suspected stroke. It looked very much like a stroke: i couldn’t talk - mouth not moving, loss of movement on one side, unable to walk etc. I had two days in hospital then most of the symptoms subsided. I saw four doctors and talked to one more, everyone was sure it was a stroke. I was submitted for an urgent mri. I got an appointment within 24 hrs with one of the absolute best neuros around. The week out of hospital I had three doctor appointments and two imaging appointments where I was continually telling the story of what happened. Once that finished, I went into imagination and totally revised the whole story, I revised the symptoms, I revised everything that happened. So 5 doctors were sure I’d had a stroke and after my imagining for a week, my MRI came back 100% fine. I didn’t have a stroke. Nothing essentially happened. This to me is the power of revision,. Now not everyone believes in revision, but I do 100%.

My husband and I were separated for a time, and our family knew it. They knew he’d moved in with another woman, and frankly, they were all disgusted by it. As I shared in previous posts, I have revised multiple aspects and stayed focused on my desired end, and he and I are back together.

Today, however, I was texting with my stepdaughter and she mentioned a location. I said “I’m not really comfortable there, since your dad’s ex-girlfriend works there”

Her response?
“What are you talking about? Why would you care about a high school girlfriend? You’ve been his wife for 27 years!”

My stepdaughter literally has no recollection that we were separated. That’s some SERIOUS REVISING!!!

Moral of the story: Persist. This is real. "

This is just one little almost insignificant experience but I assure you I have seen so many posts where people have forgot on some “incident” which has happened, they just couldn’t remember on it anymore. Like it wasn’t their timeline lol


I have a video on my YouTube channel using a similar technique. It is pretty much the same protocol but I did not go into the revision part of things. When you shift the energy or even the events of the past it really makes a profound effect on your reality. This is a very useful tool to have in anyone’s arsenal for sure.


M thank you for this excellent testimony which encourages us and strengthens our faith in the power of revision. I imagine you used the Imagination Revision v2 subconsciousness reprogramming field …?!

Personally I did not believe too much in the power of revision, because I tried it once, and I had not really seen any results or change. (and I also found it to be hard work requiring a lot of imagination and good visualization skills).

Following your feedback, I too would like to work again with the revision method, thank you again for taking the time to write these words. Just one more question, in how many days can I expect results (although they are all different and it certainly depends on each situation) ??!


Changes are instant, but dig deeper,
clear everything you have from the past situation.
This really works. :slight_smile:


Well, I realized that it is possible to change my attitude to the situation, etc. But is it possible: to change some of your quality, acquired with that moment? Get rid of a bad habit after working through the first experience? To love or not to love someone? :upside_down_face:

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So this basically like going to a psychoanalyst and talk about a past experience to let it go or try change something in the past causing an influence on you in the present but way powerful and effective?

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Yes, this love/hate is again our perception that we created for someone. The person it’s as he is. :slight_smile: