Quest to mastering cooking

My whole life I ate nothing but bland tasteless food (bad cooks) or heavily “seasoned” with MSG foods (fast food). I want to start living a more fulfilling life and I think food & drink is a good place to start. I have various cooking courses that I have never done so I am going to organize them and get to it. I lack the funds to purchase V3 to download the skills so I am complementing with tools I have available.

Speed Learning /Reading (Gumroad)
Energetic Field Converter + Super Booster/Amplifer (Gumroad)
Unconscious Mastery - Unconscious Competence (Subliminal)

I’ll Start my day with the booster so the subliminal also becomes a field. The subliminal creator says to listen to their subs 1 once a day in a relaxed state. Maitreya says the learning ones can be listened to as long as you like so will have that playing low volume in one area that I am in most times on repeat. I’ll update when I decide which course I will do first.

@Maitreya , some of my online courses are text based. With the speed learning am I able to download their knowledge?


these knowledge texts were written by humans, or at least all came from MEN,so just find an image (photo, video, real face to face, …) of a teacher (someone who has this knowledge), and it should work, that’s enough to use fast learning.
But I don’t think it will only work with books, written texts …

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you could also use the consciouse copier and download gordan ramsey or someones skill i guess

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I just asked for cooking knowledge in the suggestion thread few days ago.

Where can I get it?

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Hypnodaddy is good but I don’t like the embedded binaural beats.

maitreyas store