Copier v3 Subconsciousness Reprogramming

This audio is programmed to find the skills in other person’s you like and to copy and transfer their skill to your system. With that of course it will copy their beliefs about that skill so you can use it like them in the best possible way. You have to use this audio consciously when you transfer the skills and to feel it so you can recognize it after that in your reality. Except skills you can copy the radiance of other people that you like. For example man can copy the radiance of M. Tyson … Women can copy the radiance of A. Jolie. Everything you want and like in other people now can be easily transferred to your system + the subconsciousness beliefs that you will need to have this change.


amazing, can’t wait to try this. would this be able to copy physical attributes of others as well?

physical attributes, if you mean things like flexibility, speed, etc. - yes
you can copy also look, but it won’t make you exact same copy (100%) as other person ahah


meaning if I want to be 6ft1 like bradley cooper I can say I have bradly cooper looks and height ?


Yes with the command you copy his height. It will start to change your subconsciousness and physical body like his.


My balls rolled away when I saw this field, Its the field that I was dreaming for such a long time… Thanks a lot maitreyaaa… For this Diamond…


Wow! This is insane!

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Hi if there is make up artist I want to copy her skills on applying makeup ! Or eyes for someone I like … can it work this way ?

I am pretty sure that was answered in the Bradley Cooper response. As far as the skill part of your question I would think it is a yes from the description. From what I gather from the way the description reads is that you can obtain anything you like from others you like. Taller, more Radiant, faster, stronger the list goes on. What this fields represents is the idea that anything is possible and we can do , be and have whatever we want. This is really high level stuff and to be honest this field can put you at the top of the food chain so to speak. Game on!


gonna have to loop the lottery field to afford this.


I hear ya! /brb, looping aggressively

It really is hell of a field though, definitely keeping my eye on this one.

This field is worthy of the 6th dimension, it comes from very very less, I mean it’s amazing to see something like that in the third / fourth dimension. Thank you very much for this wonderful privilege which I am not sure I deserve. I will try to use the fast manifestation audio to be able to manifest his purchase (cheat code, I want to buy energy fields with other energy fields).

will this work for copying people drawing year or playing videos (which are not real) ?!
Will this work for copying characters from different books (we just know their nickname in the book, which is not their real name in reality, and it doesn’t have the image of their real person) ?!

Can we copy the mind (his intelligence and it’s knowledge) of Albert Einstein (no longer alive) with this field of energies ??!


This sounds great. Though at that price range I would need more belief in this stuff. Maybe you can think of a way for a Patreon sampler. Like program one to install one skill from someone and it only works once for you to test it out. Till then I’ll see how the speed learning audio I bought off gumroad works for me to increase the belief.


try Sapien medicines, “for the skeptics”

this is reminds me of conscience copier from xtrememinds back in the day


What kind of protection was added?

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It’s not the audios themselves but the ability to download skills. Which is why I brought up the idea of the sampler and being able to download one skill. I got hundreds I want to learn. So if works as advertised easy purchase but $333 is a bit much to lose if it don’t.


Dead or alive does not matter, all energy is transformed, never disappears.


hey mate … isn’t that fugil arcadia in your pp ??

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