Download Books Knowledge


This advanced tool will make the life of people who study a lot easier. This field has been programmed to download the knowledge from the books you want into your subconscious mind. This will help you a lot with fast learning, understanding, and memorizing the things you read. And even if you don’t read this book, when you need the knowledge from it at some moment in your life your brain will send you a “flash” with the information or you will intuitively know what you need.

When you use the mandala say: "Download the whole knowledge of this book (title of the book) in my mind”. While you do that keep looking at the book cover you would like to download and send a strong intention to the mandala to do that for you.

We have added a strong memory boost and parts of the brain that are related to that are activated more than their usual state. We also included a program to slow your brain waves so you will feel calm and peaceful when studying.

Additionally to the memory boost, we have added the frequency of GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) which will help your brain, and neurotransmitters and also calm the mind and more relaxed states.


Come On!..I swore to myself…Nope no more tools for at least a week hahahaha.


@Maitreya So, Speed learning audio is to download room/online courses and this for books.
I guess this will work for digital books in PDF, EPUB, and will still could use speed learning audio along this to speed results.


Aka The Swami Vivekananda field :smiley:

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me too, but … ahahahahahah

Is it so long…I have to listen 2 hours?


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I’m going to listen with this while I study…have several exams coming up

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How lucky I have to work so that I can still afford to buy $ 500 audios within 4 days. Although it wasn’t exactly planned that way. So I hope that there won’t be a field on the market for two weeks, which is a must have.
A few days ago I wrote that it would be great to have a field that the knowledge of “The Course of Miracles” can convey.
Lo and behold, there is one thing, and an even better one, that all books that I never had enough time to read can now make their knowledge available to me.
It’s difficult to decide where to start with nearly 974 books remaining. Better yet, you don’t even have to own the books to make your knowledge available. It’s so incredible that it has to be true again. :heart_eyes:
Maybe I should start with a language dictionary so I don’t have to use Google Translate anymore. :wink:


Yessssss! The Language idea is gold. I keep saying to my friend this is a game changer… this is a game changer… lol welp This is a game changer for sure.



Yes, as long as you know the title name of the book.

No need, but if you study and this plays will be easier. Anyway when you are downloading you listen it as other fields - when you work with it.

This is really good idea!





Can i download the knowledge of a lot of books at the same time?
Like say the name of the books i want to download, like one after another

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Maitreya you are literally such a sweet person
I trust you with my whole heart. You and sapien are made of good energy
I would really appreciate if you could help me with my answer, My english is not perfect but what i wanted to say was i would love to download a lot of self help books information as i am dealing with a lot of internal problems and i would love to download the knowledge from this books and like do it repetitivly, i wanted to ask if that was posible? or should i wait some hours after im dne downloading the information?


I just downloaded 10 books back to back to back! Just sit with the audio for a moment after you activate the download and feel the knowledge come to you.


Thank you. So after im done downloading the books i want to gain knowledge i just wait and feel the knowledge? Or is it after downloading 1 book sit and wait for the knowledge and then do another one?

I have only listend to this audio for 16 minutes

I just say the download activation then imagine the knowledge coming to me then do another one