Qigong and Healing Crisis

Hello everyone,

First of a big thank you to Maitreya and her team. When I got here I could not use fields at all and I have been able to for the first time in a year thanks to their help.
I use the DMs just a few hours a day, more seems to be troublesome as I am very sensitive to energy. Whenever I add a new DM (I am only using a few as of now), I get a healing crisis of sorts for a few days (floaty feeling, dizziness, head pressure, fatigue).
I have been grounding regularly but I would also like to implement my Qigong practice in a manner that I adapt to fields quicker and can handle more energy. I would like to know a few things:

  1. beside grounding practices, should I prioritize qi compression in the dan tien, balancing the 5 elements or running the microcosmic orbit?
  2. will qi compression help (as it gives me more energy) or be a deterrent (since during the healing crisis my body is struggling with handling the new energy as is)?
  3. I also meditate with crystals, is there one you would recommend to this end? so far I like using Carnelian and Jasper for an energy boost and Black Tormaline for grounding.

Thank you so much in advance!

I don’t practise Qigong, so I can’t advise on that.

Herkimer Diamond and Titanium Aura Quartz are highly vibrational. You might consider Hematite or Garnet for grounding, too.

It might take time for you to adjust to new frequencies. Some sensitive people will always be able to sense changes and new energies despite the auric field expansion.

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Thank you! All in all I take my sensitivity as a blessing but too much of a good thing can be problematic.
If I understood you correctly, by using this crystals I will raise my vibration. Because DMs are high in vibration also, I will adapt to them quicker.
Would you recommend that I charge these crystals, program them and meditate with them? Or should I rather just wear them without charging and programming?
I appreciate your help very much. I feel like I am understanding how to work with energy better since I have been here.
With regard to Qigong: the orbit clears energy blockages, the qi compression charges your dan tien, while balancing the elements balances your energetic system.
Not sure if that is enough to go on but I thought I would mention it.

DM’s are precise programs that activate exact changes. Crystals have unique natural benefits. They are gifts from the Mother Nature. I would bury them in the ground and ask the Earth to charge them with the energy that you need. We all are connected to Mother Earth, and she cares about her children, even if humanity forgot to love her back.
I would start from the Orbit. Then 5 elements. Charging at the end. But this is a more logical approach than advice.

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Thank you so very much! That’s awesome advice!

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