RECOMMENDATIONS - Auric Field Expansion

Working with energy is a lot like hitting the gym. You can’t just walk in and lift 100kg on your first day. Chances are, you won’t manage it; and if you do, you’re likely to strain something pretty badly. The same goes for energy work. Your body might react violently to a sudden shift in energy. Sure, there are those who live by the motto “No pain, no gain”—I’m one of them. But it’s crucial to build your strength gradually. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of fields that help to expand your capabilities. Feel free to share what’s worked for you if I’ve missed anything. :hugs:


Do you recommend combining them, or use them separately?
And how would Spiritual Converter help expand, i just bought it?

I use them at the same time, but make sure you will not overload yourself.

Automatically. This field is programmed to expand your aura. But apart from that, this field gave me an extra boost for my psychic gifts.

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Thank you for answer, what would you recommend for a shield that don’t interfere with the Spiritual converter in terms of getting messages through from the higher realms.

I was thinking about DM Autonomous Self, it helps tremendously with detaching from people around.
It even seem to help with ocd and sugar addiction, but could it interfere?

Our fields will work together. If these are good beings, then you will receive the message. My favourite is the Cosmic Shield In Your Favour. You can safely use other fields with Spiritual Converter. They will not clash.

Perfect, :pray:
I just remembered I bought DM Light Prism, a long time ago.
That might be beneficial to add in the future?

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Yes, very good combination :slight_smile:

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