Professionalness of video footage and elements

I really want to share these fields more with others but I find that some of the video elements look quite tacky and amateurish. It’s disappointing because I know the energy is pure and uplifting but this one aspect, I fear would turn people off and make it seem as if it’s yet another “new age” pseudoscience vibe or frequency video. I really want to share this with friends who are probably less naturally inclined to be into “spiritual” things. Would be difficult to do it retrospectively but maybe possible moving forward.

For example with this video, all the stock video, fractal animations and the intro and outro graphics look great, but the loading bar, the countdown, and the flashing graphic near the woman’s legs just look strange.

Same with this video:

This one looks great though:

If the videos had a more understated, refined and almost sophisticated style, I feel that they could get a wider reach. Even with the phrasing energetically programmed audio, maybe it could be rephrased to “energetically programmed fields”.


Thank you for your feedback. Really appreciated :slight_smile:

Some people would perceive any energy work as pseudo-science and anything that has the word ‘energy’ as a 'new age, ’ and there is nothing you can do to convince them. I have a few very materialistic friends and family members who are not even able to talk about anything like this, call me “witch” (pet name not trying to offend me), lol, and compare fields to magic. This is not resonating with them.
Even when I explained to them exactly what it is (and that I am good at it), it’s not something they want to try, even if it is completely free on YT. I accept them just the way they are they are. It’s good to have materialistic people, they keep you grounded :smiley:

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I totally get you. It’s the case that a lot of this is down to my own fear of being seen as spiritual but like you say, that’s just something we have to navigate ourselves.

I feel you. I tried to ‘be normal’ when dating. It turned out that what men like the most in me is that I am so different and unconventional. I make them think, and I challenge their views.
Even my ex recently admitted that he always loved that quirky side, and it was a big surprise for me. He is so 3D. They don’t need to understand you, but true friends and partners should accept you.


That last sentence really struck a chord with me. I’ve been struggling with understanding recently, it frustrates me because I feel as if I have to filter my pure unadulterated understanding through many, many layers of analogy and story, and even then, I still may not be understood. But I guess acceptance is all that really matters, right? Everything else is a cherry on top.

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I think it’s hard to explain some concepts to conditioned people. It’s their comfort zone. Stepping out of the box can be scary. Not everyone likes to be challenged. Some people like their lives the way they are. There is nothing wrong with that.
Being spiritual, with expanded consciousness, doesn’t make you more valuable. Being a 3D, simple, materialistic person doesn’t make you less worthy as a human. We just live in different realities by our choice, and that’s okay. What we should do is to respect each other.
I’ve observed that ‘enlightened’ people mocked off ‘normal’ people, too. They can’t understand things or prefer to follow gurus, governments, guidances, etc. I was guilty of laughing at this, too.

Working hard on myself completely changed my views. Consciousness expansion taught me patience, compassion and humility. There is a bit of loneliness in that, too. This is also part of the learning, to accept this.


Spiritual - occult means “hidden / in the invisible.” Many people laugh at this, but that’s because they are far from understanding and perceiving it. If someone doesn’t like our videos or any other spiritual technique, it’s because it’s not the right time, place, or it’s not suitable for them.

I understand the feedback you’ve given us about the videos, and we thank you for it. We’re learning in action; the technical aspect is not one of our strengths, but we strive to offer a simpler and more accessible way to do the energy work we perform.

I had been looking for someone who could make much better videos for us, but unfortunately, the cost of this work is not suitable for small companies like ours.

Still, I believe that if someone is truly on this path, such things wouldn’t stop them or if they do, it means they aren’t that necessary for them.


I do have to say that the new website looks great. The one with your blog looks very inviting and professional. At a certain point the forum update with its initial visuals had me concerned but it was clearly just a work in progress at the time :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback. We have plans for updates to make the websites more user-friendly, more convenient, and more beautiful, but everything takes time, including finding the right platforms, tools, and various technical aspects.

We are open to advice on such matters, for easy tools that can boost our quality and allow us to offer our followers the best possible experience.


I am working on a tool that would allow the user to queue up several fields and track that they’ve been listened to daily. Would love to share when it’s ready. I noticed that I would stop listening to fields when it got uncomfortable but that’s when it’s best to continue.

When you look at the impact maitreya is having, many life changing items being even free, I find it quite comical to criticize the visual aspect of the channel.

Actually its good that the visuals aren’t professional because then it won’t attract too much attention, only the right people will find the channel.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing, I’m more suggesting changes that would make these fields even better. I recognize the quality of these fields and their value.

This seems like critique to me though, like theres something wrong with it.

Well it came off that way, but it wasn’t my intention.

Feedback is important to us. Everyone can have their opinion, and it’s okay. We grow, expand, and learn from each other every day. The key is to know your worth, so the opinion of others is just information. And you can learn a lot from constructive comments.
I personally struggled with criticism a lot. It paralyzed me, blocked me, ashamed me. It was based on fear of rejection rooted in childhood plus being neurodivergent, so you have it by default.