Why do the YouTube versions sometimes seem to work better than the boosted versions?

Sometimes I play audios I downloaded from Gumroad on my computer and I don’t feel much of an effect or anything. I’m not saying that noticing energy itself is a valid reason for something to work or not work. What I am saying is that its quite odd that I can’t feel it on a file boosted 3x more.

I load up the same video on YouTube and instantly feel the energy.

I’m curious if that’s something on my end or if I’m imagining things.

Is the GR/Maitreya store version too much energy for me?

Or is the YouTube video designed to be particularly strong in a way that would attract new users to the product?

Thank you


Same thing here. I just wrote it off, but I had a conscious thought about this few days ago.


Yes why is like that

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I’d have to know her method of boosting 3x first. Maybe it hits at a deeper level so you can’t feel it as much but then creates more change. I know this isn’t subs but subs can work that way when you listen to them at 6x speed, or for other reasons.

If a bullet hits you fast and hard enough to go straight through you, it might take you longer to realize you’ve been shot than one that knocked you back but didn’t exit.

Same thing happened to me with Persistence Fire. Listened to it on Youtube and was shaking all over from the inside. So bought the 3x version… no visible signs of anything with it. Now I’m wearing the boosted version in a storage field. I think it’s taking longer to notice and it’s coming from some place deeper, meaning more effective.

The more something changes you, there should be less friction. Friction is a sign of resistance.

Just thinking out loud until a mod or someone comes along.


just bought fields booster and I can agree with you

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From format perspective,
Youtube is M4A (AAC, more advanced audio format than MP3)

Gumroad format is all MP3.

Just my opinion. Other than that, i don’t know.


it’s funny, i have some audios bought from gumroad, and what i have been able to verify, is that i notice the effect of the field more powerful when i listen to it on the mobile phone, it’s something curious because i also noticed the same thing with the sapien audios, when I played them on the phone the effect of the energy was so noticeable that I could even feel it, I don’t know what this is due to, however I think that the gumroad audios are more powerful, I think that the difference of feeling the effect more or less is in the way the field is played.

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Maybe the gumroad versions has too much energy to handle for you?

i experience the same thing with youtube videos and patreon things

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Compared to what … headphones or other type of speakers?

They should be more powerful when listened to out loud. You have all kinds of bodies around you, not just physical one. When listening out loud, the energies are going to be penetrating your energy bodies. That will have more of an effect than just listening with headphones. :slight_smile:

Not changing the way the field is played, I feel almost immediate difference. For example, Patreon Greek God Beauty feels less powerful than Youtube one.

Funny enough, Gumroad Brain Chemicals feel less powerful than Patreon one. There were some others, but this is one I noticed specifically.


Do youtube URLs have some additional programming? There was some such discussion on Sapien forum, is that why YT audios feel powerful?

I only use gumroad or patreon, but I will try yt now

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Hello friend,
Did you listen to the YT version after you listened to the Gumroad one?

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Yes I did.

The energy from YT was noticeable and effects for my first field (male sexual bundle) was almost immediate. The reason I bought from Gumroad was because I thought I’d get 3x the effect.

I can say that its definitely working, but I’m not sure why it doesn’t feel as effective or seem to get the same results as YT.

Just my thoughts.

Hopefully @Maitreya will clear this up soon


Watch it just be “it targets your causal body”

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I listen to them on my mobile phone speaker, I used to listen with headphones before but the fields lost their effect when I did it.

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Same here, but somehow YouTube much much better works for me

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I am noticing a similar effect that quite often the YT version feel more powerful for me than the purchased Gumroad versions :thinking:

I also changed the file names of the Patreon and Gumroad version to identify them as Patreon and purchased Gumroad versions.

Dear @Maitreya and @Genius , can you please elaborate on this please. Are we doing something wrong? Or what is the explanation of this experience?
Thanks in advance.


I’ve also done a lot of renaming. Like, some Patreon files were 1.mp3 so I renamed them to a name I like the best. Some Gumroad purchases were renamed to full titles, instead of just having brain chemicals.mp3 for example. But afaik Maitreya adds the secret juice to the music, so we should be fine in that regard.


On this thread, Maitreya said no problem renaming files.


Put the gumroad files into your browser and see if it’s stronger.