Precuneus, the buddha mind

Hello everyone, I listened to some binaural beat during meditation. I researched where did the frequency affect my brain, and it brought me attention to cerebral cortex.

Now i know it was for memory and “focus”. Yes, it is definite that this area is weak for me because i sensed the frequency concentrated there.

I know my pituitary gland, hypothalamus and heart are low in energy. As i researched on hypothalamus, i found out precuneus this part of the brain, and it is related with buddha mind!!!

The information quite excited me because now i understand where are my problems. Searching online, i don’t see any tracks for precuneus stimulation on youtube. Nevertheless, i just want to share this news before i go back to meditate!! I don’t know how accurate is the information, so please feel free to comment! Thank you!

“The functions of the hypothalamus depend on whether we are awakened or deluded. When we are deluded and constantly operate in our false mind, we will reap the consequences as pain in our body and sorrow in our mind. When we are awakened and practice to control our mind, silence our verbal chatter and dwell in wordless awareness, our holy mind will shine through and our spiritual wisdom will develop. The hypothalamus will then play the central role in resolving our psychosomatic illnesses, bringing health to our body, radiance to our complexion and peace to our mind.
At the highest spiritual level, the hypothalamus acts under the direct influence of Buddha mind located in the precuneus. When the precuneus is active, the hypothalamus immediately expresses outwardly the features of a mind in complete silence and objectivity. The Buddha called this mind pure, malleable, unblemished, wieldy, and imperturbable.”
In summary, the hypothalamus is the structure that expresses the three aspects of the mind: the false mind, the wordless awareness mind, and the Buddha mind."

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Really interesting audio. Since Buddha Mind is something I would like to achieve for myself, I will add it to my playlist. Even if it is something again where you have to sit in front of the PC to listen to it. :unamused:
I wonder if the precuneus is also addressed in the “Buddha Consciouness - The Sphere” field. Actually, it’s not like it’s a completely new part of our brain. :thinking:

I personally find this youtube track is not that strong. However, the description is what i want to share. Maybe you should stick with Sapien or Maitreya’s track for brain, hehe

Well, I’m a bit disappointed with Sapiens Brain Audios - they didn’t necessarily have the effect I had dreamed of. In addition, there are so many fields that you don’t really know which one to hear.
At the moment I’m still trying the Brain Mandala from Programmed_Intention.
Although I slowly start to suspect that I just hear too many fields. And therefore the results take longer than they should.

But how should you decide what is important and which one can still wait. It’s like having a buffet with all your favorite dishes and you can only choose 2 or 3 of them. And new delicacies are constantly being served.

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I completely agree with you, and I totally share your opinion. at have you tried sapien brain growth work audio, it bundles multiple brain audios together, reducing batteries and making it easier for you to choose between different audios. and it’s the same with a brain dogtag.

Programmed Intent says that for these youtube audios you have to listen to it 2 times so that the energy starts to build up and therefore do its job, he even said he was holding back in the potency he gave to these products, maybe boosting these products could help

Can the extra strength versions be used only once?

for the Extra strong versions I don’t know exactly, because the creator has not made any communication on this subject. But in my experience I find the results to be slow with the Extra strong versions.

What are your experiences with the Extra Strong versions ?!

I haven’t bought them yet, so thats why I asked.

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everyone is different, maybe you will have better results than me

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Well I didn’t mean to say that it doesn’t work. There have definitely been improvements, just not as much as I had hoped. Of course, the question arises to what extent the subconscious allows improvements.
But that was before the time of the SLR Dogtag.
Maybe it looks a little different now. :wink:

I have several of the strong in a playlist that runs all night in addition to my usual night list. And during the day I listen to all the audios from Maitreya and Sapien on an Ipod nano and all of Programmed_Intention on another ipod at the same time. So far I haven’t seen any physical problems with it. :smile: