New Release; Buddha Consciousness - The Sphere

Buddha Consciousness - The Sphere

Sphere is always a representation of wholeness and unity. If you think for our Universe where everything is alive, vibrating and moving you will see that the planets are the largest alive being that represent the consciousness of the races on them. Individually creating the whole.

Sphere represents the flower of life, duality in oness, polarities in their center.

This audio will help you to achieve higher dimensions of your consciousness.

Universal Consciousness: Evolved Mind pattern extending up to 100 hertz.

Spiritual oneness, mystical union, gamma-induced neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Joy and bliss in complete spiritual surrender.

The highest possible state of consciousness.

This will change you little by little, by accumulation, and will remove many fears, negative energies, etc. so you can reach the pure awareness, joy and bliss in the Now.


Damn, i feel it. I brought the become the best version fo you and i felt so good. Can i bundle these two together? The become the best version of you and buddha?


yeah, it is a good combo!


I love this field very much. It reminds me a bit of ego disolution from dreamweaver.


I have some questions about “Buddha Consciousness” field.

  1. How many times should I listen in a day and for how many days?

  2. Do I need to listen while meditation? Can I do multitasking with this??

3.This field can give me Buddha’s qualities like acts of sharing, ethical morality, patience , renunciation, wisdom , diligence, truthfulness, determination , loving-kindness and equanimity,etc.??

  1. Results will be permanent?

1 . 2-3 times/day , until u feel u get the results.

  1. better in meditation

  2. i dont think so , maybe it can , but its most of effects will be you will feel complete in your life , totally balanced…

4 , 100%


I would like that as a digital file like the Energy increaser or as a dog tag so that it can affect me all day. :heart: :heart: :pray: :pray: :pray: :heart: :heart:


Nearly forgot about this one…even when it was my request as custom.

Does someone still use this?

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Yes, I still have it in a 30 day storage item and it’s still helpful to me.


@Maitreya Would this increase brain hemisphere connection as I plan on buying this and hemisphere connection but would rather not have too many Mandelas as I have a few already and plan on buying awaken god within 1 and 2 and don’t want to over do anything as already listen to a lot as well :slightly_smiling_face:

It might help with that, but this is more for spiritual consciousness expansion. While Increase Brain Hemisphere works on physical aspects of the brain. I would try one first, and if you still need to boost your brain, add it later.


Is this a DM now, as well?

Yes, it’s DM