Lucid Dreaming - Control Your Dreams

In lucid dreams, the dreamer realizes they are dreaming even as they remain asleep.

Lucid dreamers are aware of the state they are in and can deliberately perform actions and control events in their dreams. Brain areas that are usually switched off during deep sleep are active in lucid dreamers.

Activated parts of the brain: dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the bilateral frontopolar prefrontal cortex, the precuneus, the inferior parietal lobules, and the supramarginal gyrus

These are all brain areas related to higher cognitive functions, including attention, working memory, planning, and self-consciousness.

People that are low in certain vitamins tend to have poor dream recall and not have lucid dreams at all.


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Hi @Maitreya ,

can this somehow interfere with the deep sleep phases?
Or will those brain changes for lucid dreaming only take place during the REM phases were one would usually dream?

I am asking because the dreamless deep sleep phases are essential for one’s regeneration and health…


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Well funny enough I had lucid dream today while I was asleep. I was attending cuz in a random college and don’t even know what it’s called. Then met two guys who were attending same college. Then we were walking together our way home. Then those two dudes tired to trick me and trying to take me somewhere and take out my organs for selling. Then I realised I was dreaming and sleeping at the same time…I threw both of them from roof (cuz we were in a roof) and killed both of them as I would do in real life lol
It was supposed to be bad dream but I turned it in my favour.
Then I started running cuz was afraid someone might see me and inform the police in process lost my slippers. . So I started flying in the sky to escape lol
But that wasn’t cuz of any audio tho just normally.
Many people do claim that they have lucid dreams in a few times in their life but dale power completely disagrees with it. It’s more like a dream that’s more vivid than usual. Lucid dreams are clear as daylight and one can feel every sensation as if it’s real. And one can remember every detail of that dream for lifetime…at the same time doing whatever they want while being able to remember everything as we remember our daily activities. If that’s not the cause then it’s never a lucid dream. In fact it’s possible to remember lucid dream more vividly than someone’s daily activity. I remember the dream more than I rember my entire day lol as if my day is a dream nd that was real…and once anyone does lucid dreaming he should be able to do it for lifetime without having much trouble. And another part is one can choose to stay inside the dream or decide to end it at will. I decided to end mine after successful escape since I had online class to attend lol…also I was telling at myself that “finally lucid dreaming it’s really fun to fly in the sky” while I was flying and breathing fresh air after the escape into another area…cuz at that time I wasn’t bound by any limit or anything and I could do or speak things as I would do in real life. I’m sure it will happen again and again so I didn’t care to extend the dream much…I used to think I had few lucid dream before until today. As those who claims did it I’d just tell them once you do it you can do it over and over without using anything. Only then you’d know it was lucid dream rather than a dream you just remember or where you’re just able to tell what you were doing. I also had the misconception where I believed I had LD in past. Cuz once anyone achives it he can control any of his dream he wishes to. It’s just not possible that you’d lucid dream one day and won’t be able to next day lol that’s what I learned from dales statement and people who had lucid dreaming…


did u have a lc beacuse of this audio?

I never used this version

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was this after using the other version of LC audio?

I bought the gumroad audio version before the DM came out. I used the audio today in my 5 hour sleep and I had a pretty clear dream. It wasn’t lucid and I wasn’t aware, but I haven’t had a clear dream like this in some time.

I came across an article that someone posted in Sapien’s forum that stated that a region in the brain, specifically in the right hemisphere, called the “Temporoparietal junction” or “TPJ” caused OBE to occur when stimulated. It’s very close to the inferior parietal lobules and the supramarginal gyrus area that this LD field activates, but I’m not sure if that’s the exact area. Because it’s said to be in the area where the parietal and temporal lobes meet and at the posterior end of the lateral sulcus. Maybe Maitreya can update this in the future to stimulate that area.

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Maybe helps the astral projection audio in patreon to stimulate TPJ.

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Something i already see in a few sites is mugwort, for better vivid dreams and dream recall, some ppl have pillows with it, maybe can help this info to some


It is not the first time I comment on this topic, I had already used this field and had negative experiences with it, but I decided to try to use it again, and the same things happened, but with much worse intensity. I’m not blaming the audio as I don’t even know what causes what happens to me, but I just need to share this, I’m not discouraging the use of this audio as what happens to me probably won’t happen to you, otherwise there would be more reports similar, anyway. I just woke up in the middle of the night, I screamed so much that even my neighbors were worried, it was so loud, probably half the town heard it lol. This was completely worse than the other times I’ve used this field in the past, it was so intense I still have goose bumps, and it’s been over 10 minutes since that happened. The other times were bad, but now it was much worse, this is absolutely hellish and demonic, I left my room screaming to my mother’s room, I just don’t understand what happened, I got goosebumps just telling this story, I already I was on my feet screaming when I realized myself. I’m better prepared than the last few times so I didn’t really think it would happen again, I’ve been doing wards, exorcism rites, I never have nightmares. I don’t remember which dream had me so terrified because like I said when I realized I was already awake and screaming. This is the second day using the field on a storage item, the first day gave me wonderful dreams, I had a dream where I saw the world from afar, it was very beautiful but not worth it lol I never want to run again the risk that this experience is repeated, I should have used the dream catcher for prevention, but I’m not willing to risk it again, I don’t believe it was a spiritual attack, maybe it’s something that happens particularly to me, maybe I get stuck between dimensions, my mind can’t process and generates these bursts, I really don’t know, but this is my report and the last one in this topic by the way, now deleting this audio with the permanent results integrator, and I’ll be away from it for a while. anything that involves lucid dreams.

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Wear divine protection mandala then use it.

Worst case add samurai, mental strength aspect of a samurai should prevent screaming.

Also you are in brazil right?

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yes, im a brazilian, why?

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No offense to brazilians but the amount of black magic there is absurd

Jesus statue isnt helping lol

Also keep in mind mastering lucid dreaming makes you a literal god.

The possibilities with it are ridiculous.

Dont wanna get into detail but just saying that in this matrix designed to enslave you it is perfectly normal that lucid dreaming mastery could get sabotaged.

Try adaptive shield and try again


@DarkMatter Could be an entity messing around.

Everytime a magician summons one its gonna linger around the astral, so start guessing

makes sense

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Keep in mind if fields or exorcism not working then it means you have an agreement with something

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Yes I have, but I don’t know how to solve it.

I tried to fall asleep again and an entity pulled my leg in my sleep.