Polyneuropathy Cure

@Maitreya This is crucial for someone I love. An old teacher of mine has had polyneuropathy several years now and can’t teach let alone train anymore so I was wondering if you had a field in mind that could reverse this so he can get back to what he loves most(besides us and his blood family of course;) Thanks :pray: :heart:

How’d he get it?

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Nerve regeneration should work for any kind of neuropathy


Not sure. He was a Sensei in the old time arts most his life… Got thrown maybe thousands of times not to mention punched and kicked in ways that were meant to strategically overload one’s nervous system so I speculate it has to do with all the unworldly trauma… Not stranger to the drink from my experience and nutrition is something traditional Japanese martial artists just seem to overlook so the combo…:man_shrugging: