Joints Regeneration

This audio is programmed to restore the joints in human body. It will help you to heal any problems there as it is filled with a lot of neutral energy and unconditional love from Creator.


My hands suffered inexplicable sequelae, I simply woke up for one day and all my fingers felt weird from then on. Both hands were affected but it is much more noticeable on the left hand, I can’t make a V sign correctly as the fingers just don’t go up, can this field cure this? After many years I’m determined to try to cure this problem, but I don’t know which approach to try, I don’t know if the best would be to try to cure the nerves or joints, or even stem cells, maybe unless it’s something very specific it won’t solve it because the very shape of my fingers has become ugly and strange, but I will try my best.

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Thank you for putting this out there. I have a moderately worn out knee and tendonitis of the gluteus medius. Is this for regenerating cartilage? Does it help tendonitis and strengthen tendons as well?

same cuestion lmao

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I would recommend this:


Thank you so much!

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