Mystery disease

I’ve had this mysterious disease for a while and I can never find out what it is, I just got back from the doctor one more time so I couldn’t find anything, I was told it could be anxiety, this is so absurd, nowadays doctors don’t do anything but be diagnosing their patients with anxiety, when they find a problem they can’t solve they just say it’s anxiety and send you home, I’m getting worse every day. I was suspecting polycythemia which is a disease that causes too many red blood cells, but the doctor said it can’t be that. My eyes are under a lot of pressure constantly and every moment I feel like something serious could happen to them, I can’t work or exert myself otherwise I’ll have incessant headaches and chest pains, the worst thing is that I can’t even anymore sleep, how will I live without sleep? If I try to sleep, I feel all my blood rushing to my head and heart, I’ll start to feel really bad and it’s impossible to sleep, it’s just impossible, I tried and it just made everything worse, I’m feeling sick so far simply because I tried to sleep. I placed several pillows on top of others to increase the height of the head but none of that helps, the mere act of lying even in a high position causes this. It’s been years trying to go to the doctor and no diagnosis being made, I stopped a long time ago from using audios from any creator that is suspicious, I only use audios from Maitreya and Sapiens, and also some that I create myself, I don’t make contracts or I work with no entity, I just don’t know what’s going on, I will collapse very soon if this continues, I don’t know how many days I can go without sleep, I managed to solve several problems using fohat energy, but I can’t solve it , for the simple fact of not knowing what it is! If I don’t know what ailment it is, I can’t use a precise command to get it resolved, I’ve already tried asking to heal my physical body in general but it doesn’t help, it would take a long time to get to the problem and maybe it wouldn’t even solve, I don’t know how much more time would hold.

Can anyone who has contact with their divine spark/higher self or anything like that please try to get in touch to find out what is going on? I think at this point only help from higher realms can bring a solution to the problem, I don’t need a cure, I just need to find the cause and if this is discovered I can solve it.

I think I am starting to see now. Even if something is found, you will discover a new thing to divulge, be it woes with your pet, yourself, family, or maybe a friend you know. I’m not saying you posting is the problem - it is actually the cure. You self-medicate via this method. It keeps you going and thus, it’ll KEEP going for a while (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

I don’t mean to sound judgmental. Please pardon me. Any wrath within my tone stems only from that which I recognize within myself, sigh…

Life is about solving problems, I already got the solution to several problems here, I already solved my problems with my family, I got the help I needed for my cat, anyway, I’m fine, forget this post.

I didn’t ask you to delete your post, I told you to forget about my post if it bothers you.

The finder?

Which fields and other energy work (e.g. pranayama, meditation ect.) do you use at the moment / did you use when the problem started?

You mentiond fohat fire. How many loops a day did you do?

Well, a lot has happened in the last few days, I’m using a lot of fohat energy every day, always in meditation and with a specific focus, but it just doesn’t work because I don’t know what to cure. I went to the doctor for the last time with my last hopes and I managed to find good doctors this time, not just doctors who send you home but doctors who want to solve your problem. The diagnosis at first is chronic migraine, I was referred to a neurologist, and I believe it is precisely correct because I have all the symptoms, I cannot exert myself, any exertion will cause me intense headaches, I am sensitive to light, I see lights in my vision, etc. and etc. The fields give me a headache simply because they are an effort, something that cannot be done by those who have chronic migraine, the cause was never spiritual but physical, it is an extremely disabling disease because it deprives the user of the freedom to do anything thing, traditional medicine offers only drug relief but no solution. But I am confident that I can completely cure myself using integrative medicine or even just fohat energy, but I need a more accurate diagnosis to know which command to use, I was able to relieve the headaches by asking fohat to cure migraine, but it still doesn’t cure the secondary problems that this condition brings, i thought i would use a command to cure all the damaged genes but it would be too time consuming, all my posts complaining about strange energies in the leg are actually not energies but nerve contractions, a secondary cause of migraine, from anyway i think i’m finally heading to find out the big source of my problems over time, i’m just using fohat energy and fields distance booster so i don’t overload myself during this period.

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