NFT: Ancestral Line Clearing

Ancestral Line Clearing

This field has been designed to clear your ancestral line, 108 generations back from agreements with various entities, made knowingly or unknowingly, stop psychic attacks coming from them, and release and force away daemons and entities, who continue to suck energy from your family line or take away things that do not belong to them.

All slavery, vows, and oats given to such beings are canceled, revoked and removed and thus all spells and curses coming from them are stopped and repelled. Agreements to owe children from the family to entities and daemons are revoked and canceled. All influence that has been coming from those entities in the family line is removed and all conscious and subconscious beliefs that your ancestors had, leading to them turning to the entities and making the agreements with them is uncovered and cleared. The same subconscious beliefs that allow entities to affect you are cleared from you also.



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i use the Universal clearing for months already
also bought the
Saint Cyprian’s Prayer Remove Black Magic

it will be not so effective to buy this field?

Got an email last night on the link to , link directly to MF Digital Mandala’s.
Part II : How does this one Ancestral Line Clearings on Venly DIFFER from SBR: Clearing Ancestral Blocks in the store? The one on Venly seems to do a helluva lot more? 2) theres no discount available on Venly :frowning:

  1. MaliciousMantis is the merchant, why? sounds dark and negative.

Malicious mantis is an unknown to me, are you trying to buy the NFT from someone who already bought it and has that name? This is not a name that Maitreya uses.

How NFTs work is that the original seller sells the NFT to someone and then, that person can resell it for any price without the original seller’s knowledge or participation. It seems to me that you have found such a case.

It is described what the field does, by reading you can see that there is almost nothing in common between the two fields. Read the descriptions.

No discount, yes. NFT does not give option for discount and there will never be discounts on NFTs.

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This is what I see when I clicked on the posted link. did you were referring to the link posted?

Edit; I have checked the NFT Collection and I only see “Maitreya Fields” as Seller in all NFTs.

This is the original page with NFTs. If you want them the cheapest, that’s where to get them. Resellers can charge anything that want for a NFT.

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They are very different.
Ancestral Line Clearings is made to remove stuff from ancestors and you related to dark forces and the consequences of these benefits that they had and now someone from new generations will have to pay, of course. You should read the description of it - it’s made very detailed.


I’m not an expert of NFT, but I think that if they are limited editions and could help everyone, it’s frustrating for who can’t buy them at this moment. The reseller will increase for sure the price and it will be impossible for real to buy it.
It becomes a run to purify all the ancestors and everyone would to be free, not only 40 persons in the world.
I think it was better make it like a DM, always available on the store for everyone (at the same price, not lower) or like a classic jewel.

On the contrary, if you want a cool power up to increase your standard of living and have more fun, it’s right to have the monopoly ( like, for example, invisibility cloack of Sapien).
I hope my comment would be considered for the future. :slight_smile:

(My opinion will not change even if, in absurd hypothesis, and I love to reasoning like this, I’ll be an ultra billionaire and I could buy the whole world.)


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Well, what can I say?

I agree with your point of view,
but some people want NFTs, others are against them,

Some want rain sounds on youtube, others feel it 'uncomfortable in their ears,
one wants waterfalls and others don’t think this field deserves to be listened as it has this ‘noisy electronic music’ and this is more important than their healing.

My point is that I can’t make all people happy and I don’t try to.

I will think about this - the healing fields to be uploaded on Youtube and as DM’s
and some ‘fancy’ and ‘modern’ for 'feeding the egos as NFTs. :smiley:


This define the most to a creator very well known … Lol :laughing:

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Yes I READ the descriptions of both I always do on ALL the Mandala’s, thats how one is informed. I see a heck of a LOT of similarities to both these fields,that is why I was asking again YES I read ALL of the info on both of them Clearing Ancestral Line’s seems an incredible field. wil there EVER be avaialbe on any other of Maitreya’s site, the store,gumroads, etsy.
Theres way too many hoops to jump through on Venly, is there another site that this Mandala is on, thats easier to pay for,check out?


I did in fact read it, I read the whole thing for both I ALWAYS do read these things. IM just asking a question for to be informed, why AM i being made wrong for being innocent and asking a question of you all ?? this is the second response like this to me. how can one make an informed descion if one cant ask questions. I’ve supported your work from the beginning and have spent a helluva lot of money in doing so, I’ve told tons of people about how good your work is. Im asking questions.

The information is there. If you don’t find a difference then use the one that is easier for you. If you had the problems described in the second one you would clearly know the difference. You are not made wrong, just there isn’t;t anything else to be explained to you that isn’t already in the description. May be some time had passed since you read the first field, you may want to open it again and compare with the NFT, I believe the difference is clear.
The NFT is what it is, not for everyone. Take it leave it, its up to you.

you got it. I’ll leave it thanks. PS: IF Ancestral Line Clearing, which by the way sounds incredible, ever becomes available on Other Maitreya Formats ( sites) Platforms. Im on it like white on rice, I sincerely hope so. In the mean time, have a groovy weekend and walk in the light.:slight_smile:

I edited the message, to add some clarity.

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well thank you Sir !! Much appreciated.

I think here we had some difficulty in our conversation.
I didn’t want or mean to make you feel any negative way. :slight_smile:

DM: SBR Part 1: Ancestral and DNA - it removes subconscious blocks, beliefs, and even traumas in general that are pulling you down and don’t allow you to have a life of choice, but instead repeating your ancestor’s methods with at some point have worked well for them, but not for the future generations as everything has changed, the time has changed.

On the other hand, Ancestral Line Clearing is made for a very different topic. It destroys agreements with entities/demons, dark side agreements, astral parasites, and other entities which are sucking your energy, because of old contracts from vows or benefits which ancestors made with them.

People who have psychic attacks and all kinds of attacks have some gap that allows this – it can be because they have used dark forces, it can be from their past lives, or it can be because some of their ancestors abused these things to get benefits they wanted to get ‘fast’. The point of the field is to find and clear exactly the reasons/gaps which allow any dark force to harm you in any way.

Also, all types of magic are destroyed as spells, hexes, curses, and all types of energetical use against the free will of somebody.


This is important because people have big problems and their life doesn’t go as they wanted even if they work hard, study hard, trying to be the best version, trying to be good to the people around them. But if they have something like this from the past - they can’t archive anything… can’t manifest, can’t create the life they want to live.

Also, if someone or ancestors made such agreements with entities/demons… one day the paycheck is coming. Those beings don’t work for free.

They can get energy from people, ruin their health, don’t allow them to have family, success, and so on. And even more terrifying ones which contain paying with child, getting kids with diseases, making strange and absurd things in their lives which they can’t explain logically, and so on.

The list I can give is endless for the consequences of these beings.