DM: Ancestral Line Clearing

This field has been designed to clear your ancestral line, 108 generations back from agreements with various entities, made knowingly or unknowingly, stop psychic attacks coming from them, and release and force away daemons and entities, who continue to suck energy from your family line or take away things that do not belong to them.

All slavery, vows, and oats given to such beings are canceled, revoked and removed and thus all spells and curses coming from them are stopped and repelled. Agreements to owe children from the family to entities and daemons are revoked and canceled. All influence that has been coming from those entities in the family line is removed and all conscious and subconscious beliefs that your ancestors had, leading to them turning to the entities and making the agreements with them is uncovered and cleared. The same subconscious beliefs that allow entities to affect you are cleared from you also.


We are discontinuing our work with the NFT websites - Venly and Opensea. We are transferring all the created mandalas to the shop, as they are very valuable. I will extend the sale period by 1 day if anyone wants to take advantage of it. :slight_smile:


So many, I can’t choose :grinning:

And this one is clearing DNA?

Extending the sale period will be nice.

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Yes, with all these changes going so far back in the lineage, there will definitely be significant alterations in the DNA.

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Good to have it in gumroad as I wanted to buy this on Venly and it wasn’t available anymore


Hi, I recently bought the ancestral line clearing mandala. I was wondering:

-Does my using it also provide the benefits to my family members or would they have to use it also to get the clearing?

-I have it as my phone wallpaper, but would like to print and frame for my room. What is the largest size I can print it?

Thank you =)

Hello dear maitreya🙂
I purchased ancestral line clearing and rearrangement digital mandalas.

i just have to know that the mandalas need have to print out or just opened on mobile screen at sleeping time is enough to work these both fields with full effects?

Dear @Maitreya please tell me, does the technology of using mandalas involve connecting to an egregor or is this a different operating principle?

  1. I ask because I use a mandala for cleansing the family, and I want to simultaneously connect other practices for cleansing the family, where there are recommendations not to use egregorial methods at the same time. Therefore, I would like to know whether the mandala should be put aside or can be used in parallel, whether there will be a conflict.
  2. And I also saw your answer to the question that when using the DM “Ancestral Line”, it is necessary to use additionally the DM “Remove Entities from Wealth”, you said that there is no such need, only if there is no task to work through this issue with money faster. But, these mandalas will not conflict, and can they be used simultaneously or is it better to take turns?

Thank you!

Mandalas are not connected to anything. They are made from the neutral energy of the Creator and send information/program to your aura to activate your own abilities.

You can use more mandalas for the same subject. They will work on all different layers from all various angles.


@Maitreya @Polaris

A general question about ancestral lines: If I marry my partner, will his ancestral patterns transfer to me as well by the bond of marriage? Thanks a lot in advance for any clarity on this! :pray:

No. It will manifest in your children. Ancestral is connected to blood.

Okay, thank you for clarifying! I wanted to ask since some people say that your last name carry ancestral patterns and if you change your last name you could end up with negative patterns connected to that name.

There is influence from your surname, for sure, but not as strong as related to your blood. Agreements are usually linked to blood otherwise demons would lose every woman who got married.
Yes, you will fill the energy of your husband’s name, also in Numerology your vibration will change, so it’s always good to check it and use it to your advantage.