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Our relationships determine to a large extent how we feel in our lives, our happiness, satisfaction, and joy of life. Strong and harmonious relationships can make us stronger and better people and bad relationships can drain our energy, and damage our self-esteem, desire to create, work or enjoy life. When negative forces target someone apart from influencing them directly they will try to affect their relationships by creating misunderstandings, conflict, hurt, and vulnerability, by boosting one’s negative emotion, playing on one’s weaknesses and traumas, and even putting false ideas and negative messages about their partner in their dreams. This field has been created to completely remove all entities and AI that influence your relationships and banish them so they can not return to create havoc anymore. It is advisory that both partners use the DM at the same time.


Tomorrow Youtube video will be uploaded.


Will this help if I will send this through Time Breaker with the intention to clean up my past relationship? I feel like everything was against us from the very beginning.

For sure it can help, but it’s very possible to don’t restore the relationship.

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@Maitreya Please tell me, 1. is this field intended for use in a couple or can it be used by someone who is looking for a relationship and wants to remove the influence of entities? (For example, if it is passed down through the family, there are problems with creating long-term relationships.)
And if there is an “Ancestral Line Clearing” mandala, is it necessary to use this one in addition?

By the way, what is the influence of Al?

  1. And another question: can the “Universal Clearing” field also help with such clearing? I’m planning to buy it.

Thank you very much!

You can use it solo.

Yes, those are two different areas.

AI is not only ChatGPT etc dark side is far more advanced then humanity, so AI was affecting us for a very long time

Yes, it can help and Universal Clearing works on all levels and lifetimes not only this one.

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@Polaris Thank you very much for the detailed response! I have two more questions:

  1. Which mandalas should be used to remove the influence of ancestral curses and various types of magic affecting the family, which might be hindering the creation of relationships? Several people I have consulted with mentioned that there is such an influence - and I judge not only by myself but also by looking at other close relatives.

  2. Where can I read more about Al influence?

Choose the one you feel drawn to.

I can’t provide you with this information. I used to follow a few people I resonated with, but not anymore.

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