New Release: Win Lottery and Attract Money

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year, mates!
We wish everyone a new beginning in the age of Aquarius, filled with abundance, love and unity. We are creators and it is time to wake up to this truth!Have a nice experience with your loved ones on these wonderful holidays.

This audio will install in your subconsciousness many positive beliefs about winning the lottery and also attracting money from other sources. It will integrate pure energy of luck and money attractions to your system. Think positive and accept Universal gifts!


Thanks a lot for this great field…


Listened to this earlier in the day and won $12 on a scratch ticket I just played, which was unexpected and awesome. :heart_eyes: Keep it comin’, universe!


Wohoo, next time 12 000$ hahaha


I am going to listen to this with Fast Manifestations & Abundance


I certainly hope so!

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you are turning life into a rick and morty episode.

Anything is possible at this point.


Does that audio remove beliefs that keep you from winning the lottery or does it just install beliefs that make you win?

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This program in Mp3 Duration 2:39 Yet on youtube its 4:19 long… but the Mp3 version of this is boosted 3X strength,on gumroad. I’ll be order the program from gumroad next week along with some other higher end DM’s. I’m gonna listen to both at the same time .youtube version of winning the lottery and a purchased version,as well. I Love the rainstorm sounds, wish more DM’s came in this formate.
I’m already preping by listen to the youtube version right now. I Just “Loop” it and rock n roll.

is it over kill running the purchased version of winning the lottery/attract money audio ,download,
as well as this one uploaded on youtube at the same time?

I Know that it states, the one in the store, and on gumroad ,are boosted & 3X’s more powerful
or do I have to find out the hard way??? He he!! Love your work !!

HOws it going with that combo SirChrio ??? I Just got the store version last night,I was running the version on youtube, I too have the Fast manifestation audio from last month,so I was running those two together tonight along with some self made affirmations that you ca record online so I have 3 different version of voiced affirmations that I turn down way low,then over top of that are these two Manifest Fast and Winning the Lottery/Attract Money…cheers!!

I need tips for this field, how to use some complementary field or fohat to get more results in that field? My results are always almost, almost winning, getting close to winning, I almost won a considerable amount this week, but it is always almost, I was always hopeful after almost winning, thinking that next week I will certainly win, but this one almost never comes, in more than a year of constant field use I managed to earn only once a considerable amount. I don’t think the results will go beyond that without something being done, because it’s been more than a year of constant use, I know it’s not possible to win every time and I don’t even want to live on it, I just want to win every now and then to have an income supplement, and once in a while that isn’t as time consuming as once a year lol.


Is this focused on state and national lotteries in the creator’s country? I’m asking this because some other audio creators use their country’s base lotteries as a focus for their audios.

Do you use a daily booster ? I purchased the lottery one as well as a booster, so I’ll let you know how it works.

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Yes, Quantun Booster and Atomic Tap, wanna let you know that while both of these are powerful,that AtomicTap is VERY powerful !Ialso have in addition to The Lottery Audio,I also have Manifest Fast ( what your thoughts with this one, its very powerful too,as are YOU,too!!:slight_smile: ) I’ve used them both ,played them both and ran some Digital Mandala’s along with it,all. it works.
I Have a lot of the DM’s ,especially. I Love Energetic Life Coach,the Finder, Pathfinder,Grounding & Earthing, The Butterfly effect and Violet Flame- great combo with using the abouve, but then again it just depends,coz there is something to be said for less is more, and keeping it simple…theres also something to be said for a hellfied recipe/combination of what Ive listed abouve. I also have Orgone generators & accumulator’s, radionics box, Intrasound panels, Rejuvenizer’s,ect. Love Maitreya’s work. ALl the best in htting it big with da Lotto/Lottery Protia.

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Yes, you have quite the playlist!… as long as you are in alignment and it’s sustainable for you, then keep at it! I guess we all figure it out along the way don’t we?
I’ve listened to the Atomic tap and it does seem powerful . Just trying to keep my focus honed in to the list at hand and going from the results I’m getting. I used the Abundance in the Home and Gates of Abundance for a month or two, and then put our house on the market and it sold for $605,000 which is $100,00 more than any house in the neighborhood , so I know this stuff works . We all have the ability to be, do , or have anything that we choose, these frequencies are just an energetic permission slip to help us focus in the direction of our choosing. :purple_heart:


Just checked my Powerball tickets from Oct. 31 and November 5th drawing and I got both Powerball numbers at the end right, so I won $ 8 ! :moneybag:
I have been listening to the paid/boosted version of Wealth Attracter, Lottery Attracter , as well as Abundance and Wealth 1000 Installed Subconsciousness Beliefs and Feelings. And the Paid Booster . I only spend a couple dollars whenever the jackpot is at its highest with the intention of being the winner of the highest lottery jackpot in history/her-story. :grimacing:


@Portia did anyone told you that you look beautiful? :smiley:

Snl You Think Im Beautiful GIF by Saturday Night Live

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Very kind of you to say so, thank you :relaxed:
I’ve been listening to morphogenic fields for about 10 yrs, so that must be my secret.

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This field is no longer available in the store…If we purchased it before it was unavailable, does the mandala continue to work ? Or the field has been completely deleted ?