Money Amplifier: The Financial Flux Multiplier

Introducing an Innovation that Transforms Wealth Consciousness

Step into the world of infinite abundance with our energetically programmed field—a revolutionary tool designed to forge your very own money vortex. This remarkable creation works on the principles of universal energy, circling the money you expend back into your life, but with a twist—it carries a secret command that multiplies your wealth.
Imagine the power of speaking a simple command, “Multiply”, every time you make a purchase. Picture the energy of your wealth stirring, increasing, and flowing back to you.

It’s a transformative process, blending your intent with the universe’s abundance, propelling your financial health to new, uncharted territories. How many times the energy will multiply depends solely on what you allow and are able to accept. The Universe is limitlessly abundant and generous.

If you can accept double-double it will come back to you. If you can imagine it quadruple-it will come back four times more abundant. If you can imagine and accept a million times more, that is what will come to you.

But this isn’t just about increasing your wealth—it’s about developing the right attitude towards money, putting it in the right place in your life, and developing a joyful, accepting, and respectful outlook towards money. Our programmed field guides you towards a harmonious relationship with your finances, inviting you to openly embrace the money that starts to circulate back to you.

As the money flows back, you’ll experience a newfound sense of acceptance and grace. The field encourages you to graciously receive the circulating money, fostering an aura of gratitude. It’s about cultivating a state of thankfulness, not just for the tangible wealth, but also for the journey towards financial abundance.

This field is more than just a financial tool—it’s a beacon of hope, an assurance that abundance is within your reach. It’s a constant reminder that wealth isn’t just about the balance in your bank account—it’s about the balance in your heart and mind.

Are you ready to embrace a life of abundance, filled with hope and prosperity? Our energetically programmed field is here to guide you on this exhilarating journey.

Take the leap, speak the command, and watch as your financial universe transforms. Let the vortex of wealth swirl around you and feel the power of infinite abundance!

Boosted Digital Mandala:


How is it going, guys?

I love the idea, but struggling to remember “multiply” :sweat_smile:This is a great way to finally learn mindfulness when shopping.
I think paying bills sounds better too.
I noticed an increase in gratitude. Like I don’t even need to focus on it, I feel it effortlessly.


:smiley: :rocket:

Super League Money GIF by Anderson .Paak

I copy my question from the question thread, since I was wairting for this thread to open:

Hello everyone,
since there is no dedicated thread for the " Money Amplifier: The Financial Flux Multiplier " field, I will post my question here:

Do I need to say the multiply keyword shortly after I make the transaction/pay for something? Or can it be done afterwards? That would be quite awesome for automatic payments, that are taken directly from your account/card.

And one more thing is the multiply enbedded within me, so that I don’t have to listen to the field?

Thank you.


You say it right before or after the transaction.
You need to have the mandala on you and send an intention to it for automatic payments to multiply. The field does not get embedded into you, you need to use it every time you want to.


Thank you for your answer, @Vega. But one thing is still not clear to me, if I am using the audio version, and the field does not get embedded into me, does it mean that I have to listen to the audio not long before I am using the “codeword” multiply, or else it does not have the effect? Am I right?

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This is interesting.

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Yes with the audio, you have to have it on while you use it.


I Have this Mandala and I Love it, also the painting itself is beautiful,as well.
I Love the energy I get when I look upon this Mandala… I have a line of the Money/Wealth/Abundance DM’s, 1000 Installed Beliefs, Fast Manifestation, SBR: Wealth, Removing Entities for Wealth, Winning Lottery, Raise your Vibration, The finder, Life coach, Butterfly effect, Violet Flame and again other Wealth/Abundance DM’s, Gate of Abundance Pendant ( worn day & night) “Multiply My Money” Yes indeed! Thank You, Maitreya Fields!!

Using this whem spending money, unexpected money have been coming from multiple unexpected sources, its an amazing tool and fun to use.


any visual guide or example on how to imagine the wealth stirring, increasing, flowing back to us ?

The intention is more than enough if you have difficulty visualizing.


I posted this exact response on Patreon but I will elaborate here as I have fine tuned it a bit.

When you make a purchase or spend money you can then play the audio or as I do, always have the Mandala on me as I purchased it instantly when it dropped :). While engaging the field I imagine the amount and duplicate that amount as many times as I can and create a swirling vortex like imagery around my body. Ex: 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 ect… duplicating and wrapping around me in a vortex like motion over and over duplicating swirling spinning spinning. You should actually feel a surge of energy somewheres in your body as you do this.

When you have duplicated and swirled the number around as long as you can you then you shoot that stream out into the Universe! I have actually started to spin the duplicated numbers out in the aether then pull that multiplied and duplicated stream back to my being. It really is a rush :slight_smile:

It is actually much more fun than just saying Multiply. Oh BTW I do say Multiply right before I do this visual work.

Play with it a bit and see how it goes.


I had the same issue in the beginning but now figured out that even if you say the command when you get home it will still yield the desired effect. Save your receipt or view your online statements and you can work with the energy shortly after you spend money.


That is brilliant! I used to have a habit of keeping my receipts and writing on them “Thank you” because it made me grateful for having money that I spent on this stuff.


Is it applicable only for purchasing items or spending money in any form.?

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I use it whenever I spend money. Essentially it is the same just being sent towards different end. IMO of course


Works with the energy of giving, meaning however you choose to release the energy of money from yourself, it will work for you. The field does a lot of work and activates the energy of money and regulates the flow of Receiving/Giving.


Reminds me of the book called “how to solve all your money problems forever” by Victor Boc

This book boils down to 2 things.

We have 2 powers that governs the flow of money into our lives.

  1. Our attracting force

2 our repelling force

To increase 1 you can do affirmations, listen to maitreya fields :slight_smile: and so on

  1. Is our attachment to money that blocks the flow, the author gives the solution to do glad-giving
    which means that you give away 1-4% of your income away, it can be to a charity, to a stranger or whatever.This way you
    release your attachment to money.

Now regarding this field, one could use the field while giving to charity,for example. You do something good, while also increasing the flow
of money into your life.

Using this field throughout the days, month and years to come, I can’t see how one will not end up wealthy. Thank you, Maity.